Automobile Museum: Wind on Wheels

Reporter | Liu Zhaohui

  Do you still remember the first car you owned? In the memory of many people, their well-off life became clear with the speed of the wheels. The former Xiali, Santana, and Fukang… were the active attempts of Chinese automakers to bring cars into people’s lives, and also marked the beginning of the diversified production of automobiles in New China.

  From the height of an era, these cars that have now entered the museum show a living historical section of China’s economic take-off since the reform and opening up. And people also feel their lives and struggles intertwined with the development of the country in these base colors of the rolling wheels of the era…

The earliest and last "Poussin"

  The heat of midsummer has not dampened the enthusiasm of Shanghai citizens to "breathe" on weekends. On a blazing Sunday, the parking lot in front of the Shanghai Automobile Museum in Anting Town, Jiading District, was full of private cars of various brands and styles from visiting citizens. If you want to look for the imprint of the beginning of China’s family car era, if you want to find the imprint of China’s family car era, you can find it in this automobile museum. The two Santana cars called "Old Pusang" on display here have witnessed the unforgettable development of China’s automobile industry and China’s family car.

  The Chinese must be no stranger to the Volkswagen Santana sedan. For many people who are a little older, the Volkswagen Old Poussin is the "divine car" in their minds, which is a kind of hard-to-part feeling. Their memories of private cars began with the old Poussin.

  A black Santana sedan on display in the museum is as charming as an old gentleman from Shanghai. The license plate of the "1983 SAN" indicates its identity – it is a Santana assembled in Shanghai in 1983 in all imported parts. A lot happened in 1983, and the biggest event for the Chinese auto industry was the establishment of a joint venture between Shanghai Automobile Factory and what was then West German Volkswagen, called "Shanghai Volkswagen", and the first product of the joint venture was the Santana. At that time, no one could have predicted that the name of this car originated from a whirlwind in California called "SANTANA", which actually blew the whirlwind of family cars in China and became popular for nearly 30 years. It opened the door to the dream of owning a car for countless Chinese families, became synonymous with family cars, and changed people’s life patterns.

  The overall shape of this Santana, produced 37 years ago, is not much different from the old Poussin we later saw on the market. The lines and corners of the whole car are square, but there are differences in some details such as lights and grille. There is a special "Shanghai" logo on the front intake grille of this Poussin, indicating that the vehicle is assembled at the Shanghai Automobile Factory. Although the internal configuration of this car is really the same as that of today’s family cars, such as the four-speed manual transmission and mechanical steering wheel, there is not so much auxiliary technology, but it can be said to be very excellent at the level of the year. Due to the high chassis, high horsepower, and a large fuel tank that can hold 60 liters of gasoline, Santana was very suitable for driving in China’s unsatisfactory road conditions at that time, and the advertising slogan "Own Santana, you are not afraid of traveling all over the world" also spread to thousands of families.

  Xin Chang, a full-time lecturer at the Shanghai Automobile Museum, told reporters that all the parts of the first batch of Santana assembled in Shanghai were imported from Germany, which was actually no different from imported vehicles. Santana, which inherited German quality, also started its own brand at that time with solid leather and durability. At that time, the price of Santana assembled with imported parts was also relatively expensive, costing nearly 200,000 yuan a piece, which was not affordable to ordinary people. However, with the domestic ability to produce parts independently, the price of Santana was gradually reduced, and eventually became the most classic "national car" for Chinese families. Xin Chang remembers that Poussin sold for 55,000 yuan a piece at its cheapest.

  Santana opened the prelude to the development of Chinese automobiles in the way of "joint venture production, market for technology", from the initial semi-bulk assembly, to the production of each manufacturing link to gradually achieve high standards, and then to achieve full localization and reach the international manufacturing level, laying the foundation for the independent development and joint venture of China’s automobile industry. Shanghai Volkswagen has launched Santana 2000, Santana 3000 and Santana Vista models one after another through technical research and digestion of Santana, but the sales of Pusang are still unable to shake. Just before the production is about to stop in 2012, there is even news that Pusang will increase the price to pick up the car, which is enough to see Pusang’s status in people’s hearts.

  From the original Poussin, to the Poussin, which was constantly upgraded in technology and configuration, Santana has always been the kind of square-headed image, during which many other car brands are rising and declining, but Santana is still the classic Santana. In the past 30 years, Poussin has been the responsibility of Volkswagen’s domestic sales in China, creating a total sales miracle of 3,213,710 vehicles. The total sales volume of the whole series has exceeded 5 million vehicles, making Santana the highest-owned car brand in China.

  A dynasty always comes to an end. Due to the appearance and accessories that could not keep up with the development of the times, in 2012, Shanghai Volkswagen officially discontinued the Poussin model. This classic model with a high chassis and a square front face was officially withdrawn from the market, replaced by the new Santana developed on a new platform. In the Shanghai Automobile Museum, a white Poussin that was the last batch to be discontinued in 2012 became the last witness of the "Poussin Dynasty".

  The earliest and last Pusang are transformed into a time-space tunnel spanning three decades in the Shanghai Automobile Museum. Those days with Santana are like a flood in the memory of visitors. Mr. Gao, a visitor, said of his former car, Santana: "He is an important friend that I will never forget in my life."

  In the early 1990s, at the age of 30, Mr. Gao decided to quit his original unit and go into business, and the Poussin he bought was his most loyal partner in family life and business. The Santana had been in operation for nine years. During these nine years, he worked hard for the Gao family "full attendance", but later the needs of business made Mr. Gao have to bid farewell to the old friend. He said: "When I saw its second owner drive it away, my heart was sore." He looked at the white Poussin in the exhibition hall, and his eyes seemed to see the old friend who had accompanied him again. It was a simple but deep feeling.

  The Poussin in the exhibition hall reminded some Santana owners of their own struggles, and some people who had never owned Santana also inexplicably developed an emotion for it. It was not so much that people were reluctant to part with Santana, but rather their own stories and feelings about youth and struggle along the way.

  Next to the Shanghai Automobile Museum is the "EV-AI Smart Port", which shows the life of the most fashionable electric vehicles at present, and the Expo Road at the entrance is also the test section of autonomous driving of Shanghai’s intelligent networked vehicles. Inside and outside the museum are the historical records and future visions of Chinese family car life. If Pusang had eyes to see out the window, he should be relieved.

Drive to a well-off life

  In the 1990s, Santana, Jetta and Fukang were collectively referred to as the "old three" of domestic cars and were the main force in the domestic family car market. Tang Guohua of Changsha, Hunan Province, has collected the first Fukang car that rolled off the production line in his "Hexi Automobile Exhibition Hall".

  In the late 1990s, Tang Guohua was transferred from the Air Force to the position of deputy director of the labor bureau in a district. After learning about machine repair during his time in the army, Tang Guohua, who had car dreams, did not follow the steps to become his director. Instead, he plunged into the automobile distribution industry, began selling Dongfeng auto parts, and gradually developed the business into automobile dealership. Today, the Hunan Lantian Automobile Group he founded is firmly in the top three in Hunan’s automobile dealership industry. The cars displayed in the Hexi Automobile Culture Center are some of the vehicles collected by the Lantian Group during its 20-year development.

  Since the start of his career benefited from "Dongfeng", in the early days of founding the automobile sales group, Tang Guohua only did "Dongfeng Department". By chance, Tang Guohua went to Dongfeng Group to work, and a friend told him that the first Fukang sedan jointly produced by Dongfeng and Citroen was thrown in the wind and rain in a corner of the Xiangfan factory. When Tang Guohua, who liked to collect vehicles, heard about it, he immediately went to the relationship and looked for the relevant certification records of this car. Finally, it was determined that this was indeed the first Fukang produced by Dongfeng Citroen. After a conversation with the senior management of Dongfeng Company, the other party was moved by Tang Guohua’s enthusiasm and agreed to hand over the car to Tang Guohua for collection.

  According to historical records, on September 4, 1992, the first CKD-assembled "Fukang" sedan was officially rolled off the production line at the Xiangfan Dongfeng Automobile Assembly and Trial Plant. The car was the first car assembled and produced by Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Dongfeng Automobile and Citroen Automobile, using parts imported from the Ornai General Assembly Plant in France. Its name in the origin market was Citroen ZX, and after being introduced to China, the Chinese name was designated Shenlong Fukang.

  In 2017, Tang Guohua, who was like a treasure, shipped the white Fukang car with number 00001 back to Changsha, and after some rectification, it was displayed in his car culture exhibition hall. Because the first 4S store operated by Lantian Group was the Dongfeng Citroen brand, this Fukang was of special significance to Tang Guohua, and it was almost the "treasure of the town hall".

  In fact, the reason why Tang Guohua has a soft spot for Fukang is also because the first car he bought in 1999 was also Fukang.

  "Back then, I was driving it to run business and drag accessories. It accompanied me throughout the difficult journey of starting my business in the early stage…" Looking back on the road to entrepreneurship, Tang Guohua, 57, is full of emotions. "At that time, it was a very face-saving thing to be able to drive a Fukang car." Tang Guohua said that this car accompanied the start and take-off of his entrepreneurial road. "Driving to talk about business can bring more trust to customers." Tang Guohua said with a smile. At that time, he ran business, not afraid of hardship or tiredness, and he also drove to Guangdong, Hubei and other places regardless of day and night. In addition to the province, he often drove to Guangdong, Hubei and other places, and each time the Fukang car did not disappoint him.

  He gave the Fukang car that accompanied Tang Guohua’s business to his younger brother and nephew one after another. It was not until 2018 that the "classic car" that ran nearly 400,000 kilometers was honorably retired and was collected by Tang Guohua in his automobile culture center.

  In charge of a car group with tens of billions of yuan in revenue, Tang Guohua has achieved "car freedom". After Fukang, he bought Dongfeng Citroen C5, Dongfeng Nissan Loulan, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz S and other cars. When changing cars, the old cars were not sold, and they all became his collection. Tang Guohua wants to treat his treasure of the year as an element of car culture and share it with riders. In his opinion, this is not only to remember the original intention of hard work, but also because used cars "have temperature and stories". Of course, his favorite is the Fukang sedan that accompanied him to start from scratch 21 years ago.

  "A car should not be just a tool, but an element of life." As an entrepreneur, Tang Guohua has a deep fascination with "car culture". In the Changsha Hexi Automobile City he built, not only do dozens of 4S shops operate, but the completely free "Hexi Automobile Culture Center" attracts people who love car culture. In addition to the first domestic Shenlong Fukang, Tang Guohua’s Fukang, and Dongfeng Citroen C5, there are also various precious models of different eras such as Mercedes-Benz steam cars, Beetles, Red Flag courtesy cars, Shanghai brand cars, Willis, etc., as well as engines, car chassis and car-related cultural objects.

  Although more than 100 million yuan has been invested in the vehicle collection, Tang Guohua said that dreams have nothing to do with money. He hopes to make more young people love cars, understand history and cherish the present. Tang Guohua told reporters that the car culture exhibition hall has been declared to the Hunan Provincial and Changsha Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau as "Hunan Vehicle Museum", and it is estimated that it will be approved soon. By then, this will be the real first automobile museum in Hunan. (Reporter, Liu Zhaohui)

"Workplace Health Class" will broadcast "Stay away from digital visual fatigue" on August 15th.

Have you calculated how long you use electronic equipment every day? Dry eyes, itchy eyes, painful eyes, stinging eyes, photophobia, tears, foreign body sensation, etc. How many symptoms have you got? While electronic products bring us convenience, improper use may also cause serious harm to our eyes.

What diseases are the symptoms of eye discomfort often felt in life?

We usually have a series of eye discomfort symptoms caused by excessive use of electronic products, such as dryness, swelling pain, itchy eyes, easy fatigue, blurred vision, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, fear of wind, photophobia, sensitivity to external stimuli, etc., which may be the manifestations of dry eye, asthenopia and pseudomyopia.

How is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye refers to a tear secretion disorder caused by many factors, with dry eyes as the main symptom. Dry eye sometimes the eyes are too dry and the basic tears are insufficient, but it stimulates the secretion of reflective tears, resulting in frequent tears.

Main symptoms: dry eyes, easy fatigue, itchy eyes, foreign body sensation, burning pain, sticky secretions, fear of wind, photophobia and sensitivity to external stimuli.

How is visual fatigue?

Visual fatigue is not an independent disease, but a group of fatigue syndrome caused by various reasons. Visual fatigue is mainly caused by the decrease of blinking times when people concentrate on watching the screens of electronic products such as TV, computer or mobile phone, resulting in a corresponding decrease in tears secretion, and at the same time, the flashing screen strongly stimulates the eyes, which will cause and aggravate various eye diseases.

The main symptoms: eye fatigue, dry eyes, foreign body sensation, heavy eyelids, blurred vision, photophobia and tears, eye swelling and pain, eye congestion, headache, dizziness, nausea, listlessness, inattention, memory loss, loss of appetite and other systemic symptoms. A few patients may have diplopia, stereoscopic vision dysfunction, elevated intraocular pressure, corneal damage, etc., and teenagers may also have myopia or deepen myopia.

How is pseudomyopia?

Pseudomyopia is caused by the continuous contraction and spasm of ciliary muscle and the increase of lens thickness, which leads to blurred vision. If pseudomyopia is not relieved in time, it will lead to the enlargement of axial length and become true myopia.

Can you avoid dry eye symptoms by closing your eyes?

Close your eyes and rest can protect your eyes, but it can’t prevent dry eye. The most effective way to prevent dry eye is to blink effectively. Blink, that is, what we usually call blink.

Can staring at green alleviate visual fatigue?

Green is the most favorable color for the eyes, but just looking at green can’t relieve visual fatigue. The most effective way to relieve visual fatigue is to let your eyes look far away and have a proper rest.

Can anti-blue glasses and anti-blue mobile phone film effectively protect eyes?

It is not recommended to protect your eyes through anti-blue glasses and anti-blue mobile phone film. What is really harmful to the eyes is: short-wave blue light with a wavelength of 400~450.

How to prevent visual fatigue?

● Pay attention to the distance of using electronic products.

● Pay attention to the time of using electronic products and follow the "20-20-20" rule.

● Pay attention to adjusting the brightness of electronic products.

● Strengthen outdoor activities and get full exposure to the sun.

● Maintain hand hygiene and prevent eye infection.

● Strengthen nutrition.

On August 15th, Wei Wenbin, vice president of Beijing Tongren Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, and Li Ying, chief ophthalmologist of Peking Union Medical College Hospital were invited to keep you away from "digital fatigue". Please watch.

Five people climbed the mountain and were trapped in the deep mountains, and firefighters walked for 4 hours to rescue them.

Jingchu. com (Hubei Daily)(correspondent Jing Ning Shi sent Xu Xunhua) Spring is warm and busy, but the safety issue cannot be ignored. On March 9, a family of four in Huangshi and another 12-year-old girl accidentally got lost and were trapped in the deep mountains while climbing the mountain. Fortunately, firefighters rescued them in time.

At 18: 12 on March 9, the command center of Huangshi City Fire Rescue Detachment received an alarm for help, saying that a family of four got lost while climbing the mountain on Father and Son Mountain in Yangxin County, and was in urgent need of rescue. After receiving the police, the Prince Fire Rescue Station and Baihua Road Fire Rescue Station rushed to the scene for rescue.

That night, firefighters contacted the police on the way to the scene and learned that the trapped people were a family of four, and their parents took a pair of children. When they went down the mountain, they lost their way because of the wrong mountain road. In addition, the sky was getting dark and their physical strength was exhausted, and they immediately called 119 for help.

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, the commander immediately ordered the establishment of a search and rescue team to carry emergency supplies to prepare for hiking up the mountain for search and rescue. On the way to the mountain for search and rescue, the firemen met a pair of parents who came to look for their children. Upon inquiry, they learned that their 12-year-old daughter was accidentally separated while climbing the mountain and got lost alone in the mountain. So far, there were five trapped people in the mountain.

Because it is getting late and visibility is reduced, the drone can’t determine the specific location of the trapped person, so firefighters have to rely on shouting and lighting to communicate with the trapped person and continuously narrow the scope of search and rescue. After two hours of search and rescue, the 12-year-old girl will be successfully rescued in a dense forest, and through inquiry, it is found that another family of four trapped is not far from the little girl’s trapped point.

On the way to search and rescue, there are many thorns on both sides of the road, accompanied by complicated road conditions such as steep mountains. In order to ensure the personal safety of the little girl, the on-site commander assigned a firefighter to stay in place to take care of the little girl, and the rest continued to search and rescue the trapped family of four.

After more than an hour of rescue, the firemen successfully rescued the other four people, and returned to join the left-behind people in the same way to escort the five trapped people down the mountain. At 21: 55, firefighters successfully took the trapped person down the mountain and handed it over to the public security department.

[Beautiful scenery] The forest is dyed and the autumn colors are gorgeous. Go to the water town to meet the most beautiful autumn scenery in the south of the Yangtze River.

  Autumn always gives people a lonely atmosphere, like a fading picture scroll, pouring out the sadness of parting. The autumn in the Red River Water Town is bright and lush.

  For Yunnan, the circulation of the four seasons seems to be less and less obvious, and perhaps only this yellow fallen leaf can witness the arrival of autumn.

  If you want to chase the red leaf scenery, it is better to feel the street of Honghe water town first. This is autumn in the town, and it will be autumn after a short stay.

  Sometimes I look up at the sky, blue and clear, and my thoughts are infinite. Golden ginkgo, coupled with the blue sky, this transparent sunny and dazzling golden color collides with the unique taste and beauty of autumn.

  Rather critical always thought that autumn could be called when the trees were full of golden colors. In fact, autumn, when a leaf falls slowly, is so complete and silent.

  In the season of osmanthus fragrance, the whole red river water town is soaked in the sweet osmanthus fragrance. In perception, the sense of smell often takes the lead. You haven’t noticed the yellow flowers hidden in the branches. A little wind blows, and the faint fragrance first finds the sense of existence.

  Even the clean streets are stained with osmanthus fragrans, which is unique in autumn, and it looks unique. A sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance makes people stay for a long time. The scenery of the street and the mood of the season are all frozen at this moment in the town.

  In autumn, there are not only fragrant osmanthus, but also red maple. A maple leaf, from light green to orange red, only feels that autumn has arrived in the world, and I don’t know how much wind and rain are swaying. Brilliant as a flower, flaming like a sunset, like fireworks of life, burning in the branches of late autumn.

  Walking in such a small town, the traffic between buildings is nothing to do with me at the moment. Enjoy the warmth of sunshine and the quietness of time. I would like to have a cup of good tea and enjoy autumn scenery in this season.

  Red River water town with abundant autumn colors.

  So beautiful

  If you happen to be there.


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Source: Honghe Tourism

It’s fun for world champions to play chess on campus.

  Sanming, Dec. 19 (Lei Chaoliang) On the morning of the 19th, Alexander guttman, the world champion of international draughts from Russia, and Feng Chao, a senior coach of international draughts from all over the country, walked into the campus of Baisha Primary School in Sanyuan District, Sanming City, Fujian Province, and had a meaningful interactive teaching with the international draughts team members of the school.

The picture shows Alexander guttman, the world champion of international checkers, having a one-to-many interactive teaching at Baisha Primary School. Photo by Lei Chaoliang

  "I was surprised by the performance of the children today. They have strong learning ability and fast chess playing speed." Alexander guttman has been studying international checkers since he was five years old. He is the world champion of 100 checkers (lightning) in 2021.

  During this trip, he came to Fujian from Shanxi, Hunan and other places to experience the international checkers culture in China. He said that the atmosphere of learning international checkers in schools in China is very strong, and the children are very talented, and the future is limitless.

Aleksandr guttman’s match with the young players attracted the children’s onlookers. Photo by Lei Chaoliang

  In this activity, Chen Huaijin, a third-grade student from Baisha Primary School, was calm in the game against Alexander guttman. He skillfully used various tactics, carefully followed every step, and finally made a sum in danger. He said that he was very happy to play chess with the world champion and could learn a lot.

  Li Hong, principal of Baisha Primary School, said that the activity of "World Champion Entering Campus" can play a very good role in stimulating children’s enthusiasm for learning, and also laid a solid foundation for the school to establish an "international checkers school". (End)

(China News Network)


Strive for "Ping-pong" and "Ping-pong" is wonderful —— The Fourth Table Tennis Competition of Loudi Intermediate People’s Court

Strive for table tennis.

Table tennis is wonderful.

The Fourth Table Tennis Competition of Intermediate People’s Court

Exercise stretches health,

Competition inspires vitality.

On the sports stage,

Let’s work together-

With sweat and hard work,

With strength and tenacity,

Write poems of life!

opening ceremony

In order to enrich the cultural construction of the court and fully display the healthy spirit of the police, the Loudi Intermediate People’s Court held the fourth table tennis competition on the evening of December 13th and 14th. Li Zhengming, Party Secretary and Dean of the Intermediate People’s Court, attended the event. Xia Ziwei, member of the party group and vice president of the Intermediate People’s Court, made an opening speech.

Player style

Based on the principle of "national fitness, joint participation", a total of eight teams were formed to participate in the competition. On the field, the athletes were enthusiastic and devoted themselves to the competition, such as the straight shot, the horizontal shot, the spike, the spin ball, the curveball … Everyone chased after me, not to be outdone, and the wonderful moments were constantly staged, with cheers and applause one after another. The players showed their achievements, confidence and style. Every game, adhering to the belief of "never give up until the ball hits the ground", shows the energetic, combative and enterprising spirit of the court people in the new era.

After fierce competition, a total of 1 first prize was produced; 2 second prizes; 3 third prizes; 2 outstanding organization awards; 2 outstanding athletes.

Everyone has said that through this competition, they have strengthened their physique, tempered their will and exercised their team. In the future work, we will gather the courage and fearlessness shown in the competition into full enthusiasm for work, and make greater contributions to the sprint and the high-quality development of the court at the end of the year!

Original title: "Strive for" Ping-pong "Bo, and" Ping-pong "is wonderful-the Fourth Table Tennis Competition of Loudi Intermediate People’s Court"

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All four teams won at home, and Real Madrid continued to follow Barcelona.

Last night and early this morning, there were four rematches in the 25th round of La Liga. The four home teams all scored points-Real Madrid beat the Spaniard 3-1 at home, while elche tied Balado Lide 1-1 at home; Certa beat Vallecano 3-0 at home, while Valencia beat Osasuna 1-0 in Mestalla and escaped from the relegation zone.

In terms of standings, Real Madrid shortened the gap with Barcelona to 6 points. Vallecano and Osasuna both lost and still ranked seventh and eighth; Valencia’s home win pushed Seville and almeria into the relegation zone, and the two teams will also have a direct dialogue in this round.

Real Madrid C.F.




Real Madrid welcomes Spaniards at home. The Spaniard who fought away from home scored in the 8th minute, Ruben Sanchez crossed, and Jose Lu seized the opportunity to score 0-1. In 22 minutes, Venesius hit the right foot in the penalty area to equalize the score, 1-1. In 39 minutes, Chuameni assisted Militao to score a header, and 2-1, Real Madrid took the lead and entered the second half. In the 93rd minute, asensio, who came off the bench, received a pass from Na Qiao and scored another point. Real Madrid won 3-1 at home.


Real Valladolid Club de Fútbol



Elche, which ranks at the bottom, welcomes Balado Lide who has escaped from the relegation zone at home. Four minutes after the opening, Balado Lide was assisted by Olasa to score a goal by Lalin, 0-1. In 16 minutes, Plano hit the door slightly at a small angle. In 34 minutes, Boyer’s header missed. Elche trailed 0-1 in the first half. In 59 minutes, Boyer’s long-range shot was blocked. In 84 minutes, Raul Guti hit the door in the restricted area and was thrown. In 96 minutes, Morent volleyed and scored a tie, 1-1. Since then, Mesa and Hogela have been sent off for the second yellow card in this game. In the end, each side will get one point.

Certa Vigo




Certa, who played at home, took the initiative. In the 5 th minute, Bega’s long-range shot was saved. In 11 minutes, Lejon hit the door slightly higher outside the restricted area. In 41 minutes, aspas missed the goal from the left side of the penalty area. In the first half, the two sides drew a blank. In the 51st minute, Harvey Garland assisted aspas to score a goal from the left in the restricted area, 1-0. Then, carles Perez’s shot caused a Sis own goal, 2-0. In 85 minutes, aspas scored his second goal in this game, and Certa beat Vallecano 3-0.





In the 6th minute, Diaca missed the header. In 11 minutes, Abd shot high. In 33 minutes, Hugo Duro shot in the restricted area and was saved. In the first half, the two sides drew a blank. Easy side fight again, 55 minutes, Avila shot high from the left side of the restricted area. In 74 minutes, Lino assisted Kluivert to score the only goal in the game, 1-0. In 89 minutes, Valencia got a penalty opportunity, and Hugo Duro was saved from the penalty, and the score remained unchanged. In the end, with the goal of Kluiwitt, the Bat Corps, which ranked second to last, won the game 1-0 and gained 3 valuable points.

The Newjin District as a pilot city representative in the "Kechuang China" artificial intelligence governance closed door experience sharing

On November 29th, hosted by the "Kechuang China" advisory committee"Kechuang China" artificial intelligence governance closed meetingHeld in the form of an online Tencent meeting. Chengdu Xinjin District is an invited meeting as a pilot city, and has experienced experience in "digital communication new cities, new industries, the practice of new life". It is also the only pilot city representative of the conference. .

This meetingArtificial intelligence governance under the new situation"" For the theme, focus on the intelligent management of the new development philosophy, the privacy protection of the sharing of major data in the artificial intelligence industry, construct the standard and norm of the government governance intelligence, invited the "Komantui China" Advisory Committee Members, artificial intelligence field experts, "Kechuang China" pilot city representative, to carry out forward-looking trend analysis, academic research discussion and practice sharing.

As the only pilot city representative of the only experience in sharing practices,Digital communication new city, new industry, new life practice exploration"As the subject, I introduced Xinjin to the key starting of the digital empowerment entity as a cross-economic transformation, driving high-quality development, with digital economy, cultivating the city innovation industry, relying on industrial function area spatial field promotion digital communication The physical industry, building a new city, developing new manufacturing, reshaping new rural villages, and accelerating the practice of promoting the economy to enter the high-quality development of fast lanes, and the experts of the participating meeting will "double development + double drive" intelligent manufacturing of Xinjin Industrial Internet "Digital Agricultural Expo + Link Urban and Rural" link Xinjin new city, new manufacturing, new villages, and innovative paths that integrate development, and discuss it.