A number of new regulations will be implemented in July: full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places.

  Zhongxin. com, July 1 ST, a number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies have been implemented, auto dealers are not allowed to increase the price of cars, and the acceptance of ID cards in different places has been fully implemented … … A number of new regulations will be implemented today, which will soon affect all aspects of people’s lives.

  A number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies will be implemented today.

  According to the decision of the the State Council executive meeting, a number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies will be implemented today. In terms of tax reduction, the value-added tax rate was reduced from four to three, and the 13% tax rate band was abolished, forming a three-band structure of 17%, 11% and 6%. The pilot policy of pre-tax deduction of personal income tax for commercial health insurance will be extended to the whole country, and the expenses of individuals purchasing qualified commercial health insurance products are allowed to be deducted before tax according to the maximum annual limit of 2,400 yuan.

  In terms of fee reduction, we will further clean up and standardize the deposit in the field of engineering construction, clean up and standardize the government’s non-tax revenue surcharge in the field of energy, temporarily exempt the two supervision fees of banking and insurance, and reduce the radio frequency occupation fee.

  Simplify the handling of tax administrative licensing matters

  The Announcement on Simplifying the Procedures for Handling Tax Administrative Licensing Matters will come into effect today. The "Announcement" clarifies five measures to degenerate and optimize the procedures for handling tax administrative licensing matters, including simplifying the acceptance of documents, providing agency forwarding services, simplifying application materials, realizing the appointment of consulting services, and improving the delivery methods of documents.

  81 airports opened the "military priority according to law" channel.

  The Civil Aviation Administration and the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission jointly issued a notice to open the "military priority according to law" channel at 81 civil aviation airports nationwide from now on, and encouraged other airports to open as appropriate according to their own conditions, so as to provide thoughtful and efficient services for military personnel in check-in, security inspection and boarding.

  All coal mine safety production work in China will implement the new standards.

  The State Administration of Work Safety and other departments jointly issued the Notice on Vigorously Promoting the Standardization of Coal Mine Safety Production. The "Notice" puts forward a number of requirements, including organizing new standards publicity training, creating an incentive mechanism for standardization work, and coordinating and promoting standardization construction.

  Full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places.

  From now on, the Ministry of Public Security has fully implemented the "three systems" of accepting resident identity cards in different places, reporting the loss and claiming them for loss. The Ministry of Public Security pointed out that public security organs should issue resident identity cards within 60 days from the date when citizens submit the Registration Form for Acceptance of Resident Identity Cards in Different Places. In areas with inconvenient transportation, the processing time may be appropriately extended, but the extension time shall not exceed 30 days; Where conditions permit, the period of making and issuing certificates can be shortened according to the actual situation.

  Handling ordinary passports and underpaying 40 yuan.

  The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to reduce some administrative fees, which is expected to reduce the burden on enterprises and society by 2.6 billion yuan. The "Notice" stipulates that starting from today, the fees for citizens’ entry and exit documents, the cost of motor vehicle driving license, the cost of temporary entry motor vehicle number plate and driving license, the compensation fee for soil and water conservation, the actual (trial) inspection fee for pesticides, and the protection fee for integrated circuit layout design will be reduced. According to relevant standards, ordinary passports are reduced from 200 yuan to 160 yuan.

  Since July, the new regulations on automobile sales have been implemented, and it is clear that dealers are not allowed to sell cars at a higher price. The picture shows the data map. Photo by Zhang Yun, a reporter from China News Service

  Car dealers are not allowed to sell cars at a higher price.

  The Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales promulgated by the Ministry of Commerce will be implemented today. The measures have made clear provisions and requirements for increasing the price of automobile sales, providing three-guarantee certificates, and indicating the source of accessories. It stipulates that dealers are prohibited from raising the price of cars in all forms, and dealers must clearly indicate the prices of cars and accessories, and must attach certificates with the car when picking up the car.

  According to the "Measures", it is no longer necessary for automobile brands to authorize the sale of automobiles, and two modes of authorized sales and unauthorized sales are allowed to be parallel, and new automobile sales forms such as automobile supermarkets, automobile stores and automobile e-commerce will blossom.

  Travel tax increases

  The tax ceiling for various types of vehicles has generally increased since today. The annual tax standard for large buses will be adjusted from 480 yuan to 660 yuan, for medium buses from 420 yuan to 660 yuan, for small buses from 360 yuan to 660 yuan, and for ordinary cars from 180 yuan to 360 yuan. At the same time, the tax targets have also been adjusted, and all kinds of buses that were originally tax-free will also pay taxes at the same standard as private cars.

  Strengthen the "seller’s responsibility" for securities operating institutions

  The Measures for the Administration of the Suitability of Securities and Futures Investors will be implemented from now on. The core requirement of the Measures is to strengthen the requirement of "the seller is responsible" for securities, funds and futures operating institutions, so that the operating institutions must bear the obligations stipulated by law while obtaining operating income, ensure the equality and unity of rights and obligations, effectively prevent one-sided pursuit of economic interests, and promote high-risk securities and futures products to investors with insufficient risk tolerance, resulting in damage and influence on the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

  Increase penalties for illegal acts of traditional Chinese medicine.

  The "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Chinese Medicine Law" has been implemented today, with five highlights: (1) the important position and development policy of Chinese medicine are clarified; Establish a management system that conforms to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine; Increase support for the cause of Chinese medicine; Adhere to both support and standardization, and strengthen the supervision of Chinese medicine; Increase penalties for illegal acts of traditional Chinese medicine.

  50,000 domestic cash transactions need to be reported.

  The Measures for the Administration of Reports on Large-value Transactions and Suspicious Transactions of Financial Institutions issued by the Central Bank will be implemented today. The Administrative Measures adjusted the RMB reporting standard for large cash transactions from "200,000 yuan" to "50,000 yuan", and the reporting standard for large cross-border transactions denominated in RMB was "200,000 yuan", and for the first time, non-bank payment institutions were included in the scope of responsibility.

  New invoice regulations: only the name of the enterprise can be filled in for office invoicing, and it cannot be reimbursed.

  According to the announcement of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China, starting from today, the purchaser must provide the corporate taxpayer identification number (i.e. "tax number") or the unified social credit code when issuing corporate invoices, otherwise it will not be used as a tax voucher to handle tax-related business. The announcement also requires that when the seller issues an invoice, it should truthfully issue an invoice that is consistent with the actual business; When the buyer obtains the invoice, it shall not request to change the name and amount.

  Mobile phone pre-installed software must be uninstalled.

  The Interim Provisions on the Administration of Preset and Distribution of Application Software for Mobile Intelligent Terminals will be implemented today. According to the regulations, production enterprises should restrict the sales channels, and should not install application software in mobile intelligent terminals without the consent of users, and all software except basic functions can be uninstalled. The application software of mobile intelligent terminal involved in charging shall strictly abide by the relevant provisions such as clearly marked price, express the charging standard and charging method, and express that the content is true, accurate and eye-catching, and the fee can be deducted only after being confirmed by the user.

  Encourage and support the provision of disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled.

  The Regulations on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons will come into effect today. The regulations clearly stipulate that the state shall take measures to provide basic rehabilitation services for the disabled and support and help them integrate into society; Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability; The state encourages and supports organizations and individuals to provide disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled, donate to the cause of disability prevention and rehabilitation for the disabled, and build relevant public welfare facilities; The provision of rehabilitation services for the disabled shall protect the privacy of the disabled and shall not discriminate against or insult them.

  The lifelong responsibility system is implemented for soil pollution control and remediation.

  The Measures for the Management of Soil Environment in Polluted Plots (Trial) will be implemented today. The method points out that according to the principle of "whoever pollutes will treat it", the unit or individual that caused soil pollution should bear the main responsibility for treatment and restoration. In principle, the treatment and restoration project should be carried out at the original site. During the treatment and restoration, measures should be taken to prevent secondary pollution to the plot and its surrounding environment. The lifelong responsibility system is implemented for soil pollution control and remediation.

"Learn from Luo Jing’s good example" is the best "farewell"

Luo Jing, a famous broadcaster of CCTV, died of illness. 

[Video] Comrade Luo Jing, an excellent broadcaster of CCTV, died of illness.

    On the morning of June 5th, Luo Jing, an announcer of CCTV News Network, died in Beijing 307 Hospital. The picture shows the portrait of Luo Jing. It is reported that this photo was jointly selected by Luo Jing’s wife and funeral committee members, and I believe this photo can represent Luo Jing’s strong, optimistic, upright and steady attitude towards life.

    Luo Jing was in the mourning hall of Beijing 307 Hospital. Yesterday was the last day to accept public condolences to Luo Jing. On the third day of Luo Jing’s death, more than 4,000 people came to the mourning hall to pay their condolences. Among them, CCTV celebrities such as Li Ruiying, Wang Ning, Xu Li, Zhu Xun, Zhu Jun and Shui Junyi also came to offer their condolences.

    Luo Jing on the road to heaven is brilliant with clouds in the western sky. When you look down on the world, you will find our tireless love for you. Thousands of people bless you in front of your mourning hall, and Qian Shan is calling you affectionately, and the hearts of all sentient beings are filled with surging Luo Jing love. In the noisy market and rural areas, Luo Jing’s voice and smile will always be a kind "beauty" of China. Your reputation has long been rooted in the hearts of the people, and your kindness, dedication and fame will be fixed on the monument of historical contributions. We didn’t mean to elevate you to a "fairy", nor did we hold high our nostalgia when you passed away. Our love for you is hidden in our hearts and flows in our blood. It is your personality, dedication, talent and achievements that have created the "worship" of all sentient beings and won unlimited respect.

    Luo Jing, known as the "national mouth", together with Zhao Zhongxiang, Xing Zhibin, Li Xiuping, Li Ruiying and other broadcasting elites, you have achieved "News Network"; "News Network" also achieved your "famous mouth". Some people call you "the national standard of news"; Some people regard you as the "anchor needle" of CCTV. No matter whether the expression is accurate or not, people are expressing their admiration for your amazing talents and love for your personality and image. The author saw from the "Luo Jing Special Video" that the space and location of Luo Jing’s work were so cramped, tense and busy; See colleagues love Luo Jing as brothers; See elder sister Xing Zhibin waiting beside Luo Jing until her death; Seeing the solemn environment adopted by CCTV for Luo Jing’s death, the author couldn’t help crying. Isn’t Luo Jing an ordinary member? There are neither absolutely prominent official positions nor super-rich people in the world; There is neither a speech to flaunt one’s achievements, nor an advertising effect that is greedy. The beauty anchor of CCTV said that "Luo Jing is of course a big bowl". What this "big bowl" supports is not power or money, but only personality, talent and professionalism.

    Celebrities and gossip seem to be twin brothers, and many people hold this concept, so that the public is used to celebrity gossip, and even thinks that "celebrities can’t be without". But when people look at the celebrity Luo Jing with their eyes, they will be surprised to see the end of time, and no matter what, they can’t find out the "lace news". Luo Jing’s reputation is high and upright, and he is not rampant. Supposedly, with his great name and talent, a little bit of "endorsement", "stage show" and "playing some talent", Jinshan Yinshan will roll in. Aren’t many celebrities "bathing" in Vanity Fair? Vanity Fair is everywhere around Luo Jing. If you are a little weak-willed, you will "get into the water". But Luo Jing held on, holding on incredibly. Facts have proved that Luo Jing is "spotless" and was elected as the representative of the 17th National People’s Congress. Can such a great personality force not conquer all sentient beings?

    Luo Jing, you are the pride of CCTV, and you are the idol of the whole country. I never thought you would leave in such a hurry, which made it really hard for us to accept such a cruel reality. News Network needs your pronunciation and pronunciation, the people of the whole country need your passion and dedication, poor students are waiting for you to "come back and see", and I hope the primary school is still waiting for you to cut the ribbon. We only see the news flashing frequently for your social love and public welfare activities, and we can’t count them. We can only repay you with deep love. We can’t keep you away, but we will always keep your name in our hearts, for future generations and for history. Your brilliant personality and dedication will shine on CCTV and the motherland. With Luo Jing gone, we can’t leave the brilliance of News Network. Defending the "supreme" of News Network is the belief of Luo Jing and the people of the whole country. The great responsibility will surely fall on the new generation of news network "famous mouth". How to make News Network carry forward will not only test the talent of CCTV’s "famous mouth", but also test the personality, morality and spiritual pursuit.


   People from all walks of life mourn:

      CCTV celebrities Li Xiuping, Kang Hui and He Hongmei came to pay their respects to Luo Jing.

      Wang Jianong, a good friend of Luo Jing: I was the first person to get the "true biography" of Luo Jing.

     The 90-year-old audience sent Luo Jing to tears: Son, I want to see you.

     Feng Gong, a famous crosstalk performer, came to mourn Luo Jing.

     Many people went to the hospital to mourn Luo Jing [Photos]

     By 10: 00 am on the 7th, more than 3,000 people went to the hospital to mourn Luo Jing.

    Xing Zhibin and Zhang Hongmin, famous mouths of CCTV, came to mourn Luo Jing.

    Lu Yu looked depressed and appeared in the hospital. Han Hong was emotional and shed tears.

    Zhao Huayong, the front desk director of CCTV, came to mourn Luo Jing.

    Enthusiastic spectators have laid wreaths for taxi drivers to wear "formal clothes" to mourn.

     CCTV host Zhu Xun Zi Ning came to the hospital in black to express his condolences [Photos].

    The audience mourned CCTV announcer Luo Jing in the rain [photos]

     Attending doctor Chen Hu: Luo Jing always thinks of others.

    Strong Luo Jing, adhere to nine courses of chemotherapy.

    Attending doctor Chen Hu: Luo Jing couldn’t bear to face his eyes on his last birthday. 

    June: Send Luo Jing away.

    March: Luo Jing had expected to return to work in Taiwan.

    In February, the systemic lymphomas disappeared completely.

    Chen Hu, the attending doctor in Luo Jing, elaborated: Luo Jing’s last days

    Bai Yansheng: Luo Jing, a peer who has shaped the industry standard.

    Willow crying to send Luo Jing: unforgettable brother’s voice and smile

    Ma Bin: A glass of sake will be sent to the teacher, Yundian, to smell the music.

    Li Zimeng: Teacher Luo Jing is a role model for my life growth.

    China Radio and Television Association Broadcasting Presiding Committee mourns Luo Jing.

    All the announcers and presenters of Shanghai Wenguang News Media Group mourn Luo Jing.

    Lu Jian: God is unfair. Brother Luo Jing’s character is the most admirable.

    Liu Chunyan: Luo Jing had planned to come back at the 50th anniversary celebration of CCTV.

    Luo Jing’s wife and children mourned and sent elegies: Luo Jing, we will always miss you.

    Sa Beining recalled Luo Jing that "he has always been very positive and optimistic"

    The list of CCTV Comrade Luo Jing and funeral committee was released.

     Ju Jianfu: Ju Ping wrote a tearful memorial for Luo Jing [Photos]

    Lang Yongchun: The last 10 months of Luo Jing’s struggle with the disease: he was the strongest patient.

    Luo Jing mourning hall opens all parties to mourn: mother didn’t show up, son learned to be strong

    Li Ruiying: For more than 20 years, Luo Jing has been on call.

    Hospital: Luo Jing is the strongest and most optimistic cancer patient they have ever seen.

    Colleague: Luo Jing never puts on airs.

   Ma Bin choked and recalled his work with Luo Jing and sent poems to his predecessors.

    Zhang Quanling mourns Luo Jing: His name must be in the memory of the audience.

     Zhao Zhongxiang: I have always admired his ability and hard work.

    Annabel Lee, the host of CCTV, reposes his grief for Luo Jing with poems (photo).

    Zhang Bin: I hope I can do something for Luo Jing’s family

    Huang Jianxiang and Luo Jing participated in cultural and sports activities and decided to attend the memorial service.

    Zhao Pu: Luo Jing died so suddenly that she ate and smoked together years ago.

    Gu Yunlong, director of CCTV’s social special department, was sad to hear that Luo Jing died of illness.

    Wang Xiaojie: It’s sad that I can’t listen to Luo Jing’s broadcast any more (Figure)

    Deputy Director of CCTV Social Education Program Center: Luo Jing, please go!

    Han Qiaosheng: Sitting still for half an hour, tears came out of my eyes.

     Ma Bin, the host of CCTV, mourned Luo Jing Wangjun’s good journey (Figure).

    Wenjing, host of CCTV: I am shocked and don’t believe this is true.

    Feng Cunli, Deputy Director of CCTV Social Education Program Center: Luo Jing, please go!


     Summary of the conference:

     CCTV held a press conference in the 307 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army [photos]

    Interview with Lang Yongchun, spokesman of Comrade Luo Jing and funeral committee.

     The last 10 months of Luo Jing’s struggle with the disease: he is the strongest patient.

    Luo Jing once wanted to receive stem cell transplantation, and the medical staff recalled crying.

     Cause analysis of Luo Jing’s death The sudden deterioration of his condition led to ineffective rescue of heart failure.

     The on-site mourning hall of the 307 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army will be completed, and people from all walks of life can come to mourn.

    Luo Jing just celebrated his 48th birthday on May 29th, and his mental state is still good.

    Luo Jing’s death conference was held. Lang Yongchun spoke on behalf of funeral committee.

    At 30 o’clock in the news, Lang Yongchun Hospital hosted an interim press conference.

    Brother Luo Jing arrived at the mourning hall and held a press conference at 12:20.


     Boyou remembers Luo Jing.

    Netizens mourn deeply.

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