Yuxin Group’s "Ba Qi" made an appearance, and the on-site contracts continued

On October 27, the 15th China (Chongqing) Hot Pot Food Culture Festival was grandly opened, and Ba Qi Juice Soda appeared at the Hot Pot Festival, attracting much attention and signing contracts on the spot.

Signing of major projects(Photo provided by the organizer)

"Spicy Solution Research Institute": Challenge Baqi Spicy Solution Value

In the red sea of the hot pot festival, a touch of "Ba Qi Cheng" is particularly eye-catching. The Jieshan Ba Qi juice soda launched by the first branch of Yuxin Group has become a hit at the hot pot festival. Modern Fan’s slogans "Boss, let’s have a bottle of lime Ba Qi", "Boss, let’s have a bottle of orange Ba Qi", "I like to eat spicy food, and I have a feeling of being blown away"… It has attracted the attention of young consumers, and they have signed up to participate in the Ba Qi Jieshi Spicy Value Challenge.

On-site consumers said that Youzhiliang drinks Ba steam juice soda, which is slightly bubbly and refreshing. Juice + soda opens a double spicy experience, which is really enjoyable!

Ba steam juice soda(Photo provided by the organizer)

Deep cooperation: empowering Chongqing hot pot industry

Yuxin Group is a local private enterprise in Chongqing. After 40 years of development, it has become a comprehensive industrial group focusing on beer brewing, food and beverage, whisky and foreign wine Product Research & Development, production, sales, domestic and overseas commercial property development and operation. As one of the earliest private beer and beverage manufacturers in China, it has reached in-depth cooperation with Chongqing Hot Pot Association to deeply empower Chongqing Hot Pot Industry.

According to statistics, the Ba Qi Spicy Research Institute received thousands of visitors on the first day of its launch, collected more than 300 pieces of customer information, and reached a number of signed customers on the spot. After in-depth understanding of the customers present, they expressed their optimism about Ba Qi and showed a high degree of cooperation intention.

Relevant analysts said that Ba Qi juice soda products have shown a broad market prospect during this hot pot festival, which will definitely inject new momentum into the hot pot industry and make new contributions to the promotion of Chongqing hot pot "food + drink" brand.