Changan signed a contract with Huawei, and Avita may become a core link to help Avita thrive

In recent years, Chinese brands have ushered in continuous breakthroughs in both technology and products. Especially in the intelligent and electric track, Chinese brand cars have achieved a far-reaching lead. On November 26, Huawei announced that Huawei and Changan Automobile signed an "Investment Cooperation Memorandum" in Shenzhen on the 25th.

According to the memorandum, Huawei plans to integrate the core technologies and resources of its smart car solutions business into the new company. Changan Automobile and related parties will intend to invest in the company and work with Huawei to support the company’s future development. The new company will serve as an open API for the automotive industry, open equity to existing strategic partner automakers and investors with strategic value, and become a diversified company.

Changan Automobile said that it will invest in the company and carry out strategic cooperation. It is reported that Changan Automobile and its affiliates plan to acquire the equity of the target company in this transaction, with a proportion of no more than 40%. The specific equity ratio, investment amount and term shall be negotiated separately by both parties.

The announcement also states that the new company’s business scope includes automotive intelligent driving solutions, automotive intelligent cockpit, intelligent vehicle digital platform, intelligent vehicle cloud, AR-HUD and intelligent vehicle lights, etc. Huawei will inject relevant technologies, assets and personnel dedicated to the target company’s business scope into the target company, and the specific business scope and loading plan will be determined in the final transaction documents.

After Changan cooperates with Huawei, Changan, as one of the main shareholders, will definitely give priority to key technologies to Avita. Before the cooperation, Avita has already fully boarded the ADS2.0 technology (and is the top of three lidar) and Hongmeng cockpit, which shows that it is already in action. The latest technology of the follow-up car BU Independent Company is expected to be the first to give Avita.

Many popular smart electric vehicles, Avita 11 has repeatedly won the championship, and the successive achievements have verified the leading advantage of the 3 lidar solution: Avita 11 is the only model in the industry with 3 lidars as standard, and the lidars are arranged in the bumper and front fenders on both sides. Compared with models equipped with one or two lidars, the 3 lidars enable Avita 11 to have a wide area detection surface in front and on both sides during driving, providing a horizontal field of view of more than 300 °, strong lateral 3D spatial perception and high resolution and high confidence level detection capabilities.

This time, Changan and Huawei have joined forces in depth. After establishing a joint venture, they will continue to empower Avita. Behind the leading industry’s intelligent driving performance, the "true intelligence, only security" centered on user requests is the underlying logic of Avita’s continuous evolution. It is also based on this that Avita has gained the recognition and high trust of the majority of users.