Beijing online car-hailing market bid farewell to foreign cars, non-Beijing owners: rice bowl gone

  Beijing, April 2 (Reporter Ma Chuang) According to the Voice of China "News Vertical and Horizontal" report, after Didi stopped sending orders to non-Beijing brand vehicles in the Third Ring Road last Monday, from yesterday (1st), Didi stopped sending orders to non-Beijing brand vehicles throughout Beijing. Data show that after the implementation of the new policy, Beijing’s standard online car-hailing will drop to 10% of the previous. In the face of Didi’s new policy, how do non-Beijing car owners who do not meet the requirements respond? In the face of concerns about "whether it will return to the difficulty of hailing a taxi", what new measures will Didi take?

  On March 20, Didi stopped sending orders to non-Beijing brand vehicles in Beijing’s Third Ring Road. Nine days later, Didi sent a notice to drivers on the client side, announcing that it would stop sending orders to non-Beijing brand vehicles throughout Beijing from April 1.

  Didi Chuxing staff said that the successive adjustments to the policy were to implement the relevant regulations in the Beijing online car-hailing rules. "According to the regulations of the Beijing online car-hailing rules, Didi will stop sending orders to the whole Beijing area, including those outside the Sixth Ring Road, before April 1."

  Some non-Beijing drivers have started looking for new jobs after the new rules were issued. Didi suggested that non-Beijing drivers go back to the place where the license plate belongs to continue to take orders, or participate in the recycling of used cars, discounted car purchases, and discounted car rental schemes. Some non-Beijing car owners expressed difficulty in this regard. "Sending a message is like an advertisement, which will definitely affect the driver, because my job is gone, I plan not to run, there is no way. There is definitely no business going back to the local area, and I will not recycle the newly bought car."

  In December last year, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission and other departments jointly issued the "Detailed Rules for the Administration of Online Booking Taxi Business Services in Beijing", requiring that online car-hailing must be "Beijing people drive Beijing cars". At that time, Beijing gave a five-month transition period to facilitate drivers and online car-hailing platforms that meet the standards to submit applications and accept assessments. According to the regulations, engaging in online car-hailing services requires participating in national and local exams. Only after passing can you register for employment, and the valid period for registration of professional qualifications is 3 years.

  Although the exam questions were generally not difficult, Master Wei, the driver, said that he was a little unable to take the exam. "If you want to drive, you must first get a license, and you must take the online car-hailing driver’s license and service license. How can we pass the exam? If you ask me to participate, I will not participate."

  Didi’s new policy may be difficult for non-Beijing car owners to buy it. Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said that although the implementation of the new policy may lead to some contradictions at the beginning, in the long run, the Internet sharing economy is still the general trend. "In the future, the market supply and demand may be unbalanced, and the supply will continue to decrease while the demand is still very large, so the price may rise in a short period of time, and it is very likely that you will not be able to get a car. This is the negative impact of the implementation of the new policy. At present, the sharing economy has just emerged. Including the friction between traditional industries and the sharing economy, it may require legal regulation. Conservatively speaking, it may be conducive to social stability."

  After Beijing stopped sending orders to non-Beijing-licensed vehicles, how are the current business conditions of online taxi drivers and taxi drivers who meet the standards? Many people are worried that they will face the problem of difficult taxi hailing again in the future. How will Didi respond to this?

  According to media reports, previously in Beijing, about half of the online car-hailing vehicles operated by foreign license plates used to account for about half. Now, coupled with the requirements of vehicle wheelbase, license plate and household registration, it is estimated that the online car-hailing cars that meet the requirements may only account for 10% of the current stock. Didi staff said that there will be new ways to deal with it in the future. "Since the reduction of transportation capacity may affect the success rate and waiting time of users in some areas and some times, we apologize for this. At the same time, we have also taken various measures to improve efficiency and hope to meet user requests as much as possible."

  In Beijing, many passengers have already felt that it is becoming more and more difficult to order a car. Some industry insiders believe that the impact of Didi’s suspension of foreign-brand cars will be felt soon, and this part of the impact will be mainly on express and special cars. Unlike the worried non-Beijing-brand drivers, many "Beijing-brand" online car-hailing drivers who meet the detailed regulations are full of expectations for the future. "Suddenly there are not so many cars, can you not live much? These days, it is obvious that there is more life, but the delivery distance is far. It is time for Didi to start promoting and rewarding drivers, which is the key."

  Some Beijing taxi drivers believe that the new method of dispatching orders will ease traffic congestion to some extent. "Big cities are already very congested, and traffic in Beijing will be much better after the new policy. It is long overdue to stop them. At that time, the review will be very strict, and it will definitely be safe. Taxi companies are also in the background, and they are all safe to a certain extent. It is difficult to say whether private cars are safe or not."

  With the implementation of the new policy, only 10% of the stock of online car-hailing that meets the standards is left, which may not pose a threat to the traditional taxi market for the time being, and taxi companies do not have to exclaim "the wolf is coming" as before. As for the future development of online car-hailing, Zhu Wei said that the only thing left is to carry out refined operations in the public sector, and ways such as ride-hailing, data economy, and cooperative entrepreneurship may inject new blood into the online car-hailing industry. The development speed may not be as fast as in the past, but deep cultivation under the legal framework is the only way to consolidate the foundation of the enterprise.

  Zhu Wei analyzed that the first way to develop more is to add more hitchhikers, because the current proportion of hitchhikers may be relatively small, and their own vehicles, fixed routes, and usually can bring a few more people. This kind of behavior may exist in large numbers in the future, and it is also worth encouraging. The second is the data economy. Under the current model of the sharing economy, including vehicle information and vehicle route information, it must be counted in the big data platform of smart travel and smart cities. In the future, Didi will integrate and communicate data with the government and taxi companies in this regard, and there will be many good directions for the entire Beijing travel in the future. Third, Didi will have some travel, including a business plan to cooperate with drivers. At present, Didi, including the implementation measures for the implementation of the new policy in the future, must take the current law as the bottom line. If there are new situations and new problems when "Internet +" develops in the future, the country may further refine it, and there may be changes in legislation and law enforcement.

Attention, mobile phone slaves! Press the HOME button often. Experts say be careful of this disease.

  Cctv newsNowadays people’s lives are gradually surrounded by intelligent tools such as computers and mobile phones. As the screen of smart phone is getting bigger and bigger, while users enjoy the pleasure of big screen, there are some information age diseases such as "mouse hand" and "mobile phone hand". Recently, some biomedical experts have warned that "mobile phone users" cannot be ignored.

  What is a "mobile phone hand"?

  It is a common thing for many people to type with their thumbs and press the HOME button on their smartphones every day. However, it is such a small action, repeated every day, the harm to the thumb can not be ignored. Thumb will have discomfort symptoms such as pain, which is what medicine says.Tenosynovitis of thumb”。

  In the past, the main group of tenosynovitis patients was middle-aged and elderly people who did manual labor, but now because ofTenosynovitis is gradually becoming younger due to improper posture of using mobile phones and frequent use of electronic products such as mobile phones and tablet computers.

  Why do you get a "mobile phone hand"?

  Use the phone for a long time with one hand.

  Nowadays, with the popularity of smart phones, many citizens have developed the habit of playing mobile phones with one hand. In the long run, due to improper operation posture, there are more and more "mobile phone hands".

  Experts said that from the occurrence of tenosynovitis, it is mostly inThumb, middle finger and forefingerThree fingers, these people’s finger activities have several characteristics: First,fast; The second isHigh strength; The third isa long time. If you play mobile phone for a long time, it fully meets the above characteristics.

  The screen size of using mobile phone is too large.

  Nowadays, it seems to be a trend that the screen of mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger. The screen of smart phones is getting bigger and bigger, and citizens will face the threat of tenosynovitis while enjoying the pleasure of the big screen. For a small hand with a big mobile phone, the angle of wrist extension and finger movement will exceed the general angle range, which will cause excessive friction of tendon and extrusion of joint capsule for a long time, and if the finger repeats a certain action repeatedly, it will also cause finger nerve injury.

  Many net posts believe that for most users,The most suitable mobile phone for hand size is the 4-inch model, and the width of the mobile phone should not exceed the distance from the tiger’s mouth to the middle section of the index finger..

  speicalHome Tip: Change the posture of mobile phone use and beware of "mobile phone hands"

  In order not to be a "mobile phone user", the key is to change the operating habits and reduce the frequency of use. It used to be a mobile phone with one hand.It is best to hold the mobile phone in one hand and use the other hand to touch the screen of the mobile phone. It is best not to stroke with your thumb, but to "poke" the screen with your fingers..

  When you use your mobile phone, rest your thumb properly, type with the remaining fingers, or send messages by voice. Of course, it is also necessary to move your fingers frequently.

  Tip: How to avoid tenosynovitis in daily life

  1、Pay attention to the correct posture of fingers and wrists.Don’t bend or stretch back too much when doing housework such as washing clothes and cooking; Don’t carry things too heavy; Don’t use too much force on your fingers and wrists.

  2、Warm and hot compress:Get into the habit of washing your hands with warm water, not cold water. Pay attention to keeping your hands warm in winter and wear cotton gloves to prevent your hands from getting cold.

  3、Maintain a comfortable position:The nursing of tenosynovitis needs to avoid arm drooping. When sleeping, patients with tenosynovitis need to keep their arms close to their bodies and their wrists are not bent.

  4.、Self massage:The wrist joint rotates 360 degrees; Or make a fist with your palm and relax, and do it back and forth several times; Or a few times of finger back pressure or palm back pressure can effectively relieve hand pain.

  5、Take a timely rest and maintain a correct working posture.For long-term desk office workers, they should adopt correct working posture, try to keep their hands balanced, and their wrists can touch the real thing, so as not to be suspended. Take a break between work, put your hands on the table and rotate your head for 2 minutes.

On the 19th, Dongge Town, Wenchang will hold a volleyball match. These teams have their own characteristics →

Original title: A volleyball match will be held in Dongge Town, Wenchang on the 19th. These team names have their own characteristics →

New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net February 18 news (Reporter Wu Yuewen) During the Spring Festival, in 2024, the "Spring 99 Cup" Hainan (Wenchang) Village Volleyball Spring Festival was staged wonderfully, attracting many citizens and tourists to the scene to watch. In order to enrich the cultural life of the masses and create a good atmosphere for national fitness, on February 19th, the "Anti-drug Cup" nine-a-side men’s volleyball tournament in Dongge Town, Wenchang City will be held in the volleyball court of Xiafu School in Dongge Town and the volleyball court of Dongge Town Government.

Data Map: "See you again at the stadium" 2023 Dongge Town Township Volleyball Invitational Tournament in Wenchang City.

The reporter learned that the competition was jointly organized by the village neighborhood committees of Dongge Town and the relevant departments and units of the town. There were 17 teams including Dongge Juxizai Rice Team, Liangfeng Shrimp Team, Baofang Village Wenchang Chicken Team, Qunjian Sandworm Team, Fengshan Village Passion Fruit Team, Xiafu Black Goat Team and Tianlun Tilapia Team. These team names are very distinctive, highlighting the famous "specialties" in Dongge Town, Wenchang City.

Data Map: "See you again at the stadium" 2023 Dongge Town Township Volleyball Invitational Tournament in Wenchang City.

Data Map: "See you again at the stadium" 2023 Dongge Town Township Volleyball Invitational Tournament in Wenchang City.

The 9-a-side volleyball tournament will be held at 9: 00 am on February 19th at Dongge Town Government Volleyball Field. It is expected that the champion and runner-up will be decided at 10: 00 that night. Subsequently, an award ceremony was held, in which the first prize was 5880 yuan, the second prize was 4880 yuan, the third prize was 4880 yuan, and the third prize was 3880 yuan.

(Wu Yuewen)

The Frontier of Science and Technology | See how AI doctors crack down on "invisible killers" that endanger the health of teenagers

Cover journalist Tan Yuqing Bian Xue

In recent years, scoliosis has become a common disease that harms teenagers, making it difficult for sick teenagers to straighten their backs. According to statistics, the number of scoliosis among primary and secondary school students in China exceeds 5 million, and it is still increasing at a rate of about 300,000 per year. Scoliosis has become the third major disease that harms the health of children and adolescents after obesity and myopia.

Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment are the key points to combat scoliosis, otherwise it may develop into a very serious deformity, which may affect cardiopulmonary function and even lead to paralysis in severe cases.

Scoliosis model

In the past, doctors would diagnose scoliosis by manual measurement and X-ray screening, but with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into medical imaging technology, this step may be further optimized. In the screening stage, it is only necessary to "simply take pictures" to preliminarily determine whether scoliosis occurs, and in the diagnosis stage, the "experienced" AI system can also assist doctors to quickly read films for diagnosis.

Why can taking pictures replace x-rays? How does AI system assist doctors in screening and diagnosing scoliosis? Recently, the cover journalist explored the development of AI+ medical imaging technology.

It only takes a few seconds. Did the AI system tell you about scoliosis?

In the "simulated physical examination room", the reporter saw the hardware part of the spine AIS intelligent screening and diagnosis system (hereinafter referred to as the "system")-a rectangular metal frame about 2 meters high, with a group of small cameras in the center of the top. It looks simple, but the effect is not simple. The reporter’s on-site experience found that it took only a few seconds from detection to obtaining the report results.

The hardware part of the system is the camera.

"As long as the examinee stands in a standard position and poses Adam’s position to expose his back, the system can quickly complete the screening by using an infrared depth camera to collect information on his back." According to Fan Jipeng, the person in charge of the Shuangxin Department of Chengdian Gold Disk, the system will map and transform the image information collected by the camera to get the depth information of multiple posture key points on the back, so as to calculate the back asymmetry index and judge whether the subject may have scoliosis.

Schematic diagram of screening process

He said that this intelligent system will get closer and closer to the level of X-ray diagnosis by constantly learning actual cases and optimizing existing algorithms. While ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of screening, it can also prevent the teenagers being tested from being exposed to X-ray radiation.

This new technology may help to better implement the scoliosis examination project that was included in the physical examination of students in 2022. "We think the greatest significance of the screening system is that it can quickly complete large-scale examinations, so that children with scoliosis who have not yet been discovered will not be delayed."

Interface of scoliosis diagnosis system

In the diagnosis stage, the intelligent system is also a good assistant for doctors. Fan Jipeng explained that in the traditional process, in order to diagnose scoliosis, doctors need to measure the Cobb angle of the spine with a ruler, but this is time-consuming. Different doctors will make some errors when measuring by hand. Doctors with less experience may need to consult for scoliosis with large curvature, and the diagnosis time will be prolonged. However, after deep learning, the artificial intelligence system can accurately read and measure the film within 3~5 seconds, and give diagnosis suggestions.

At present, the system has completed the screening and diagnosis of more than 5,000 cases of scoliosis. "Now we are cooperating with Electronic Science and Technology University Hospital, Zhongshan Pok Oi Hospital and Shenzhen Children’s Scoliosis Center, and this number will be continuously updated."

Training "AI Good Doctor" by "Engraving" Algorithm of Expert Experience

"The accuracy of top doctors’ diagnosis of scoliosis may be 85%~90%, and the overall accuracy of our system will continue to approach this figure." Fan Jipeng said that at present, of course, the accuracy of top experts is higher, but compared with ordinary doctors, the system may have exceeded their basic level.

So, what gives the diagnosis system the ability to catch up with top experts? The answer is the experts themselves.

"When experts mark the angles of thousands of scoliosis cases, the system will learn based on this and solidify the experience of top experts into the algorithm, thus reaching a higher diagnostic level." In Fan Jipeng’s view, although the system is not as good as top experts, it is used to assist ordinary doctors in diagnosis or help improve their medical level.

The marked samples provided by human experts are the "success stories" of artificial intelligence doctors, but Fan Jipeng said that this is also one of the difficulties in the development of AI doctors. Different races, even people in different regions, will have certain differences. If the diagnosis is accurate enough, researchers need to collect as many samples as possible for AI to learn.

At present, the real large-scale landing of the system still faces some difficulties in the process. "How to make the medical examiners go through the inspection process quickly and how to ensure that their Adam posture is standard requires some corresponding training."

Therefore, the system will learn more practical cases, further optimize its algorithm program, continuously improve the diagnostic accuracy, and design detailed operating standards for the system, "for example, what is the standard Adam position, how to do it well, etc."

Husband and wife internet robot: take you to understand AI artificial intelligence

The definition of AI artificial intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence can be said to be really hot, which has attracted the attention of many people and enterprises. It is a branch of computer science, which can imitate human intelligence to perform tasks, which is equivalent to having self-thinking consciousness. It is a new technical science used to research, develop, simulate, extend and expand the theoretical technology and application system of human intelligence. Since its appearance, artificial intelligence can be said to be increasingly mature and its application fields are increasing. Artificial intelligence can simulate the information process of human consciousness and thinking, and can deal with problems like human beings, even surpassing human beings.

Application of AI artificial intelligence in enterprises

Artificial intelligence can now be said to have become the first choice of major enterprises, and has run through all aspects of manufacturing such as design, production, management and service. Now artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in security, e-commerce, finance, medical care, education, personal assistant, autonomous driving and other fields. Artificial intelligence technology can automatically perform tasks, no longer need manual processes or tasks as in the past, improve enterprise performance and productivity, and can also exceed the human limit, give full play to the value of data and create huge benefits for enterprises.

At present, artificial intelligence has actually penetrated into all fields of our lives. In real life, almost everyone has access to AI artificial intelligence. From the aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation to the new economy, until the meaning and value of life itself, artificial intelligence can be said to have brought rapid changes to various industries of human beings.