Not just cars! 4.28-5.3, Xi ‘an International Convention and Exhibition Center, the grand opening of Xi ‘an May 1st Auto Show!

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Xi’ an Wuyi auto show

The grand curtain is about to open.

From April 28th to May 3rd, the 15th Xi ‘an May 1st Auto Show in 2023, hosted by Xi ‘an Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Chinese Business Newspaper, will officially kick off in Xi ‘an International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The exhibition area of this year’s auto show is planned to be 70,000 ㎡, and the exhibition brand, exhibition specifications, exhibition services, supporting activities and communication scope will be comprehensively improved.

More than 100 brands have full firepower

Xi ‘an Auto Show is not just about cars.

As one of the "best-selling consumer exhibitions", this year’s May 1 Auto Show has added motorcycle exhibition area, RV exhibition area and outdoor camping exhibition area, which will more intuitively show the audience the sensory impact brought by the blending of automobile life and fashion; It also introduces cutting-edge scientific and technological concepts such as new energy vehicles (battery, motor, electronic control) and intelligent networked vehicles (intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent networked) to depict the infinite possibilities that cars will bring to people’s lives in the future.

It is reported that this year’s auto show plans to open four exhibition halls of Xi ‘an International Convention and Exhibition Center, focusing on displaying fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles, motorcycles, RVs and supporting products, and entering related advantageous businesses such as outdoor camping, car life, car owner service and car purchase finance to jointly ignite the consumption boom of this exhibition!

Up to now, Audi, Volvo, Lincoln, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, Cadillac, Guangqi Honda, Guangqi Toyota, Buick, FAW-Volkswagen Jetta, Dongfeng Nissan, Changan Ford, Chevrolet, Skoda, Beijing Hyundai, FAW Toyota, Changan Mazda, Dongfeng Honda, Kia and other imported and joint venture brands, Domestic brands such as Geely, BYD, Link, Changan Automobile, SAIC Roewe, GAC Chuanqi, Chery, Jietu, Xingtu, Pentium, Changan Auchan, SAIC MG, Vespa, Tanks, Haval, Great Wall, Tengshi, Extreme Krypton, Zhiji, Ruilan, Aouita, GAC Ai ‘an, Euler, Gaohe, Ideality and Jiejie.

New energy vehicles start from full power.

Xi ‘an Auto Show is not just about cars.

In recent two years, with the support of intelligent manufacturing, sturm und drang, a new energy automobile industry, has won the top spot in the fierce competition of "New Energy Automobile Capital". According to the statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, in 2022, the output of new energy vehicles in Xi ‘an reached 1,015,500, up by 277.5% year-on-year, accounting for 14.38% of the national share, and won the title of "the first city of new energy vehicle production in China". Under the blessing of policies such as "new energy vehicles are exempt from purchase tax", the new energy automobile industry has ushered in "prosperous production and sales".

In the wave of electrification, intelligence, networking and low carbon, more and more new energy vehicles meet the changing needs of consumers. In order to create an immersive exhibition experience and provide convenience for consumers who love new energy vehicles, an independent new energy vehicle exhibition hall was set up for the first time at Xi ‘an May 1st Auto Show this year. It is understood that the new energy hall of this auto show has gathered nearly 200 new energy vehicles from more than 20 new energy brands, including Aouita, Wenjie, Tengshi, Ideality, Krypton, Geometry, Gaohe, Chang ‘an Deep Blue, Geely Ruilan and Lantu. Among them, Aouita, Deep Blue, Gaohe, Ruilan and other brands made their debut at Xi ‘an May 1st Auto Show.

Xi ‘an Auto Show Camping Carnival

Xi ‘an Auto Show is not just about cars.

In the past two years, the camping industry has become one of the popular leisure activities of the citizens with the rapid development. The rich natural resources around Xi ‘an also provide people who have lived in the city for a long time with the freedom to switch their living conditions at any time. In order to provide you with a diversified platform for visiting and experiencing, this year’s auto show will hold outdoor camping exhibitions in addition to car exhibitions. At the same time, invitations will be sent to the fans of Volkswagen campers all over the country to hold the 2023 China Volkswagen T Series Carnival.

New forms of camping activities such as "camping+trendy products", "camping+parent-child", "camping+cute pets", "camping+movies" and "camping+music" will be displayed in the outdoor camping exhibition of this auto show in the form of camping+trend market, attracting a large number of trendy young people to punch in and build a one-stop service platform integrating RV, tourism, leisure and other lifestyles for consumers.

Five major activities to create a tidal car show

Xi ‘an Auto Show is not just about cars.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Xi ‘an May 1st Auto Show, Xi ‘an Auto Show, together with Luckin Coffee, M+ coffee brand, Lanxiangzi and other catering brands, and online celebrity camping base around Xi ‘an and other partners, jointly sent out multiple free-of-charge benefits for fans, including a series of welfare activities such as free coffee, free food, free online celebrity campsite and so on, and many surprises were collected at the auto show.

From April 16th to April 30th, the Organizing Committee of Xi ‘an Auto Show joined nearly 100 participating dealers to launch the activity of "Watching Live Show to Win Auto Show Tickets". The audience only need to pay attention to the WeChat WeChat official account of Xi ‘an Auto Show, stay in the live broadcast room according to the announced live broadcast time and actively participate in the interaction, that is, they have the opportunity to get free auto show tickets provided by Xi ‘an Auto Show. In addition, the Organizing Committee continued to upgrade the "Car Lottery" activity, bringing consumers more categories, faster delivery and better quality car lottery gifts.

Xi’ an Wuyi auto show

28 April-3 May

Meet Xi ‘an International Convention and Exhibition Center!

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