The delivery guy has become a group with a high incidence of traffic accidents! Why is the "reasonable" algorithm "out of control"?

  Recently, the professional difficulties of some online platform takeaway brothers have attracted much attention to takeaway platforms and algorithm systems.

  "Xinhua View" reporter survey found that takeaway brothers have become a high-risk group of traffic accidents, and the algorithm labeled as accurate, reasonable and optimized has triggered extensive discussion in the industry.

  "The first thing I think of when I get up from a crash is not to time out"

  In recent years, the booming takeaway industry has reshaped people’s daily lives and become an important breakthrough point for economic development and employment in various places. According to a report released by Meituan, in 2019, the total number of takeaway riders who earned income through the platform reached 3.987 million, an increase of 23.3% over 2018; in the first half of this year, the total number of riders who earned income on the Meituan platform reached 2.952 million, a significant increase of 16.4% year-on-year.

  The relatively high income, stable salary payment and flexible working hours are the reasons why many workers are attracted to the food delivery industry. Wu Zhaoyun, a 35-year-old food delivery brother in Guangzhou, said that he has worked in factories, hotels and property companies. Since joining the food delivery team in 2017, he "feels that this career is very promising."

  While the number of takeaway riders continues to grow, takeaway brothers have become a group with a high incidence of traffic accidents. In recent years, there have been vicious traffic accidents in many places in China where takeaway brothers have caused deaths due to running red lights and violating the rules.

  The reporter learned from the Shenzhen traffic police department that in August this year alone, Shenzhen investigated and dealt with 12,000 traffic violations in the express delivery and takeaway food delivery industry, accounting for more than 10% of the total number of non-motor vehicle violations. The Shanghai medical emergency center healthcare workers said that they would encounter rider-related orders every week in August.

  "Rush" is the core reason. One rider said the delivery time given to him by the platform around 2018 was 40 minutes per order, but it was later compressed to 30 minutes. "Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to get takeaway from the merchant, and the remaining 10 minutes I have to ride 3km, run into the community, and wait for the elevator to go upstairs," he said.

  The main basis for the platform to compress time is the algorithm system based on big data and artificial intelligence. There is also a complete set of strict assessment mechanisms in cooperation with the algorithm system: on the one hand, the takeaway platform incentivizes takeaway riders to receive as many orders as possible with "price-per-order"; on the other hand, the platform strictly restricts riders through assessments such as on-time rate, bad review rate, and cancellation of order volume due to delivery reasons. The reduction in on-time rate means that takeaway riders lose the "order-taking advantage" in the platform’s algorithm, and will also be reduced in the internal ranking, missing various rewards.

  This "algorithm plus assessment" mechanism has multiplied the psychological pressure of practitioners. One rider said that once he collided with an electric car, "the first thing he thought of when he got up was that he couldn’t time out, and he didn’t care about how the other party and himself were injured. Now I think it’s ridiculous."

  Why are algorithms "out of control"?

  Several industry insiders believe that the deep problems behind the "algorithmic dilemma" deserve attention.

  On the one hand, the platform is "competing to the bottom", resulting in the "imbalance" of the algorithm.

  Data show that as of the second quarter of 2020, Meituan takeaway and have captured nearly 95% of the market share in the takeaway industry.

  Ma Liang, a professor at the School of Public Administration of Renmin University of China, believes that the short and concentrated characteristics of the takeaway industry determine that competition among enterprises is increasingly focused on the speed of food delivery, resulting in algorithms that should have integrated multiple indicators, ignoring the safety and stress of riders.

  "The food delivery industry has actually formed a’race to the bottom ‘, that is, constantly testing the bottom line indicator of delivery time. After exhausting all the competitive parameters, the pressure is pushed to the rider, resulting in the rider being at the limit and overloaded," he said.

  On the other hand, complex employment relationships lead to the transfer of risk, resulting in the algorithm’s "default".

  The reporter learned from the research that most food delivery riders have formed a complex employment relationship with the food delivery platform. Many food delivery riders often do not sign contracts directly with the platform, but sign contracts with third-party labor service companies through some apps, and the labor service companies change frequently. When an accident occurs, it is easy to lead to multiple parties kicking each other.

  In a case of a takeaway rider hitting a pedestrian, the rider said that he joined a takeaway platform in September 2018. At first, the labor agreement on the app showed that the employer was Ningbo Yumi Company; in August 2019, the agreement on the app was changed to Hangzhou Bangmang Company. He did not know who the employer was. During the court hearing after the accident, neither Ningbo Yumi nor Hangzhou Bangmang admitted that Huang was his employee.

  Liu Bo, the judge of the Huangpu District People’s Court in Guangzhou who was in charge of the case, said that in terms of the contract, the relationship between the rider and the labor service company is a labor relationship, but in fact the relationship between the labor service company and the rider is very loose. The platform uses the number of orders received and customer complaints to assess the rider, acting as an "employer." In the event of a traffic accident, the platform hides behind the labor service company and does not take any responsibility.

  Under the current laws and regulations, the traffic police cannot punish the enterprise, but only the rider. In the event of a traffic accident, the rider, not the enterprise, needs to bear the cost of violating the law and the risk of disability and death.

  Algorithms alone are not enough

  In the face of social doubts, said it would launch new features as soon as possible – "I am willing to wait 5 minutes/10 minutes more" buttons for consumers to choose from, while Meituan said it would improve the scheduling system to give riders 8 minutes of flexible time.

  Some interviewees believe that to solve the dilemma faced by takeaway riders, the most important thing is that platform companies can face up to, respect, and truly protect the rights and interests of workers, rather than allowing algorithms to become cold tools that only make money for enterprises.

  In recent years, in the face of the challenges of emerging business models, many places have begun to increase management efforts. For example, Foshan, Guangdong has built 89 fixed traffic safety education points to increase traffic safety education for delivery couriers and other groups; for takeaway enterprises with many traffic violations and weak traffic safety management, Foshan public security traffic police organized interviews with business leaders.

  Ma Liang suggested that the emerging business will inevitably pose an impact and challenge to the existing laws and regulations, and the general laws involving the protection of workers’ rights and interests, occupational safety, and safe production need to be revised in a timely manner. Issues directly related to a certain industry also need to be responded to in a timely manner by new regulations.

  In addition, the problems of the food delivery industry involve multiple departments, and the main regulatory departments should be further clarified to correct the disorderly competition behavior. Ma Liang also suggested that the food delivery riders belong to the "safety production problem in the flow" and should also be included in the assessment system of local governments to strengthen the local government’s supervision and law enforcement responsibilities. (Reporters Wang Pan, Ma Xiaocheng, Hu Lingguo, participated in writing: Mao Yizhu, Mao Xin)

Selling 249,800-349,800 yuan, Zhijie S7 was officially listed.

  [car home new car on the market] On November 28th, Zhijie S7 was officially released. It has four models: Pro, Max, Max+ and Max RS.The price is 249,800-349,800 yuan.. The official said that the number of new car bookings has exceeded.20000Car. In addition to announcing the selling price, the car also has the following car purchase rights and interests. During the first sale period (as of December 31, 2023), you can enjoy the car purchase rights and interests worth 55,000 yuan immediately, including the matching rights and interests worth 25,000 yuan, the interior and exterior decoration matching money worth 15,000 yuan and the Huawei ADS 2.0 high-level smart driving rights package worth 15,000 yuan.

Price of Zhijie S7 car make and model Price (ten thousand yuan) Pro 550km 24.98 Max 705km advanced intelligent driving edition 28.98 Max+ 800+km advanced intelligent driving version 31.98 Max RS 630km four-wheel drive flagship high-order intelligent driving version 34.98

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

More exciting videos are all on the car home video platform.

● Standard coupe style appearance of electric vehicles

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

"『Max RS four-wheel drive ultimate edition"

  Zhijie S7 is a medium-sized and large car, and its body design adopts the coupe style commonly used in electric vehicles nowadays, which is also related to the brand positioning. The brand positioning of Wenjie is more calm and atmospheric, while the brand of Zhijie is oriented to young sports consumers. The slip-back roof and the sporty rims used in some models bring a strong sense of movement.

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

  From the front of the car, the daytime running lights on the lower edge of the LED headlights run through the left and right, which looks like the shape of a paddle with the decoration of the headlights. There are ventilation holes on both sides and bottom of the front of the car, and there are rich radar components.

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The length/width/height of this car are 4971/1963/1474mm and the wheelbase is 2950 mm. It will provide five colors: warm nebula, azure blue, frosty moon silver, gold-plated black and ceramic white, which will bring different senses with different rim styles. On the roof, it also has a panoramic canopy of 2.6 square meters, and the canopy and rear windshield are double-layer silver-plated heat insulation glass. The official said that the heat insulation rate (that is, the infrared blocking rate) reached 98.3%. It is worth mentioning that the new car will be equipped with electric suction doors as standard.

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Home of the car

Home of the car

"With a sports kit"

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max+ Super Flight Edition

"No sports kit"

  The design of the rear end is also very simple, with a penetrating taillight that echoes the front of the car. If you choose a version with a sports kit, it will also be equipped with a carbon fiber style rear spoiler and a sports rear enclosure.

● In the car … Besides Huawei HarmonyOS OS 4, what else?

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

  Zhijie S7 also has many ideas on interior design. At first glance, it is a traditional layout, full LCD instrument and independent central control instrument. But in fact, when you sit in, you will find that this car has a little "great depth" on the car, which is officially called "yacht cabin design". Do Huawei fans have to shout "far ahead"? In terms of color matching, the new car will bring three interior color matching styles, such as moon shadow gray, sparrow feather red and white apricot.

Home of the car

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

  The so-called "yacht cab design" is to divide the front into several areas, such as the pilot area displaying intuitive information (far-sight-distance instrument), and the driving control area closer to it is mainly the operation area. This car has an oval steering wheel and a flat multifunctional instrument panel in front of the co-pilot, which can not only be used as a "desktop", but also has an independent storage compartment.

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Home of the car

  Zhijie S7 is equipped with HarmonyOS OS4 car machine system. From the real car experience, this car machine is very smooth and has super desktop function, that is, if you use Huawei mobile phone, you can project it on the screen. This system is further upgraded for ecological linkage. It can use the handle to play racing games on the car screen, and it can also display the aerial picture on the drone on the car screen. The voice assistant "Xiaoyi" will also be more intelligent. For example, it can execute fuzzy instructions such as "the window opens a crack", and it can also sort out and summarize news information and summarize the core content.

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Home of the car

  The car is also equipped with dual 50W wireless fast charging in the front row, and the central armrest box combines the cooling and heating box. In terms of seats, although the front row is an integrated sports seat, the padding can still bring good comfort. In addition, the new car is equipped with a suspended silk wool headrest, with four adjustable heights, and integrates 10-point massage, 16-way electric adjustment, ventilation, heating and other functions. Not only that, the new car seat also supports the adjustable function of wing wrapping, which brings stronger lateral support. Finally, the new car is also equipped with electric leg rest, which supports 2-way electric adjustment, and the length of 50mm can adapt to different leg lengths.

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

Zhijie Automobile Zhijie S7 2023 Max RS Four-wheel Drive Ultimate Edition

  Coming to the back row, according to the official data, the horizontal space in the back row is 1537mm and the leg space is 945 mm. Touch buttons are inherited on the rear door, which can adjust the related functions of air conditioner and seat, and has a strong sense of technology. At the same time, Huawei’s MatePad can be installed behind the front seats. Thanks to Huawei’s system, the Pad can be linked with the car machine.

● Intelligent driving

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of hardware, the new car will be equipped with 1 lidar, 12 ultrasonic radars, 3 millimeter-wave radars and 11 camera groups. At present, high-speed and urban fast NCAs have been commercialized, and urban NCAs will be commercialized nationwide by the end of 2023.

More exciting videos are all on the car home video platform.
Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  All versions of Zhijie S7 Max and above will be equipped with HUAWEI ADS intelligent driving assistance system, which is expected to be gradually launched for different cities in China from Q4 this year. Beta will be gradually opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Suzhou, Dongguan and other cities in the first quarter of 2024. At the press conference, the official also showed the currentThe only auxiliary parking function for mechanical parking spaces in the industry.And can realize wire sliding and berthing in a tight space.

● Power information

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Zhijie S7 will be equipped with 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform as standard. The front motor of Zhijie S7 four-wheel drive version is 150kW, and the rear motor is 215kW. Its 0-100km/h acceleration time is 3.3 seconds, and its 100-0km/h braking distance is only 33.5 meters. In addition, the new car achieved 83.1km/h in elk test results, even surpassing Tesla Model S.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Zhijie S7 is equipped with Turing chassis, including front double wishbone+rear five-bar suspension, intelligent control cluster, CDC variable damping shock absorber, air suspension, etc., which can realize the height adjustment of the fourth gear body. Through strong perception, the chassis state can be quickly adjusted to adapt to various road conditions.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In addition, Zhijie S7 is equipped with the new Huawei "Whale" 800V high-voltage battery platform to realize super fast charging, which can last 215km in 5 minutes and 430 km in 15 minutes.CLTC has a comprehensive endurance of 855km.In addition, HarmonyOS Zhixing charging service has deployed 340+, more than 4,500 high-speed charging stations and 700,000+public charging piles. By the end of 24 years, the total liquid-cooled super fast charging service will reach 100,000+.

● Full text summary

Home of the car

  Huawei, which doesn’t make cars, has launched more than one car, and the series of cars has three products, namely, the car-bound M5, the car-bound M7 and the car-bound M9. The car-bound S7, which cooperates with Chery, is officially launched today. In addition, Huawei’s cooperation with BAIC, JAC and Changan is also advancing rapidly. It is reported that two "bound" products of BAIC and JAC are on the way, and the vehicle positioning will be more high-end. Although it keeps saying that it doesn’t build a car, Huawei’s territory in the automobile industry is already spreading rapidly. Huawei wants to be the "locomotive" of the intelligent platform for automobiles, and it is getting closer and closer to this goal. Today’s launch of Zhijie S7 will face the hot market within 300,000 yuan. This price includes not only mature Tesla Model 3, Weilai ET5, BYD Seal, etc., but also Krypton 007 and the next Xiaomi SU7. Whether it can become showstopper like Wenjie series, let’s look forward to it together. (Text/car home Chen Hao)

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"Huawei establishes a new company to build a locomotive in the intelligent era"

Yu Chengdong: The new company has sent an invitation to the "Four Boundaries".

China is the biggest victim of "spyware", and the United States has the most attacks.

We should be alert to the threat of "spyware" to national defense information security. [Illustration of Fang Han in the People’s Liberation Army newspaper]

  Looking through the "China Internet Annual Information Security Report" published by the IT industry, we can see that last year, the number of computer viruses infected by software in the world increased explosively. Kingsoft Internet Security alone intercepted as many as 240,156 new virus samples, among which the number of Trojan viruses accounted for 73% of the total number of new viruses, reaching 175,313.

  Spyware is the most rampant computer virus with a large number of names, which not only erodes the information security in various fields such as politics, economy and culture, but also brings unprecedented challenges to the national defense information security.

  China is one of the biggest victims of "spyware" attacks.

  With the development of information technology, computers are becoming more and more popular in social life. On the one hand, computers bring convenience to our lives, on the other hand, they also bring hidden dangers to information security. Turn on the computer every day, and maybe at the same time, you open a pair of eyes that peek at your own information.

  According to statistics, among the countries attacked by "spyware", China is one of the biggest victims. In the second half of last year, about 64,000 computers were affected by malicious programs every day, of which 26% were in China, which is higher than any other country.

  According to some data, in recent years, almost all the most lethal viruses spread in the world have been raging in China.

  The United States frequently attacks mainland websites.

  In 2005, China National Computer Network Emergency Technology Processing Coordination Center conducted sampling monitoring on network attacks, and found that 220,000 hosts from abroad had launched attacks on mainland China.

  Among them,The countries and regions that frequently attack websites on the mainland are the United States (40%), Japan (11%), Taiwan Province, China (10%) and South Korea (8%).The monitoring also found that there are about 27,000 Trojan attacks on the mainland outside China, mainly located in the United States, South Korea and Taiwan Province, China; There are about 16,000 IP’s abroad that control zombie hosts in mainland China, mainly located in the United States, South Korea and Taiwan Province, China. In terms of website page tampering, the total number of tampered websites in mainland China reached 24,477, of which 3,831 were tampered with by government websites, accounting for 16% of the tampered websites in the whole mainland.

  Military information construction should guard against "spyware"

  With the advancement of military construction transformation and the development of information technology, the number of computers used for national defense needs is increasing year by year, which puts forward higher requirements for national defense information security protection. According to the survey, many people think that if computers used for military and national defense construction are physically isolated from the Internet, they can sit back and relax.

  In fact, all kinds of free software tools we often use, as well as newly downloaded versions of upgrade software or installation software, are probably a carrier to hide "spyware".

  Some computer users in the army and local departments with the function of national defense construction often don’t realize this problem. They only pay attention to external security and computer shielding, but ignore the infection of viruses through software, which makes it possible for "spyware" to invade.

  Symptoms of being attacked by "spyware"

  Browsers are inexplicably modified, many toolbars are added, webpages are turned into irrelevant strange pages, files are modified or lost for no reason, and computers are suddenly shut down automatically … A senior IT person said, "If this happens, it is likely that you have encountered spyware".

  Spyware is a computer virus that does great harm to national defense information security. Like spies sneaking into the target, "spyware" often sneaks into the target in a hidden way.

  Software bundling is the most common and hidden way. It is usually put together with a utility software. When users install this utility software, "spyware" will automatically install it quietly. Although some vague statements are usually given in the software installation agreement, I’m afraid not many people will patiently read the lengthy agreement before confirming it. There are even some softwares that are actually "spyware" in the name of anti-spyware.

  As it turns out, after browsing some malicious websites or clicking some links, you may also install "spyware" programs in your browser or system. "Spyware" often has dual software characteristics. On the surface, it has practical and attractive basic functions, such as mp3 playing, BT downloading, or a small game, but in fact it hides a hidden component, which records users’ online behavior and habits and returns relevant information to software publishers.

  The survey shows that in 2006, 81% of personal computers in China were infected with "spyware", and some computers were infected with as many as 25 kinds of "spyware". Another survey of 2,066 enterprises showed that 80% of enterprises in China reported the problem of "spyware". The harm of "spyware" has been more serious than virus, and it has become the number one "killer" endangering the security of national defense information.

  Information security needs to prevent blocking at the same time

  The development of information technology is like a double-edged sword, which brings new challenges to national defense security. Nowadays, network technology has become a new means of military operations. Using "spyware" to spy on each other’s national defense secrets and destroy each other’s network will cause huge losses to each other and even lead to total collapse.

  The increasingly prominent problem of national defense information security has aroused universal concern in the world. To solve the problem of national defense information security, we must strengthen the national defense concept of the whole people and take the road of independent innovation and development.

  -Enhance awareness of network security. First, strengthen security education, so that national defense front workers can further understand the current situation of international network security, realize the seriousness of the struggle against stealing secrets, and enhance their awareness of self-prevention; Second, computers used in the field of national defense should use specially provided software, and do not use pirated software or download various software on the Internet at will to cut off the source of virus infection; Third, the state should strengthen legislation on information security, intensify efforts to crack down on rogue software, "spyware" and other malicious software, and purify cyberspace.

  -Strengthening the construction of network information talents. We should learn from some practices of foreign troops, absorb network experts, build a network information security team, and improve China’s network security prevention ability.

  -Accelerate the pace of software development. At present, the United States, India and other countries are recognized as big countries in software development and sales, but China is still relatively backward in this respect. The state should strengthen the development of software with independent intellectual property rights. In particular, it is necessary to develop software that has a significant impact on our country’s information security and meet the needs of important fields such as national defense and military.

  -Strengthening research on anti-virus technology. At present, in the field of network security, the main technical support means are firewall, intrusion detection, data encryption and anti-virus, among which anti-virus technology is the most widely used. The state should strengthen the research on anti-virus technology and continuously improve the active defense ability of national defense information security.

Editor: Li Yongchao

You can break through the 18-year-old threshold of dating software by setting it at will.

  When the society is still debating whether minors should ban smart phones, it is undeniable that mobile phones have become an important tool in children’s lives, which not only provides the benefit of convenient contact, but also has the harm of being addicted to games. Some minors register dating software and step into the dating territory that belongs to adults; Some children even blindly expand their circle of friends by pushing friends through WeChat, which opens a dangerous door. In the interview, the reporter found that in reality, there have been many cases in which minors have been sexually assaulted by others through making friends through mobile APP and WeChat.


  High school girls’ mobile phone friends were molested.

  A few months ago, Xiaoya, a high school girl, met Xiao Tao, a boy two years older than herself, through a mobile dating APP. Looking at the other person’s head, Xiaoya inevitably had a good impression on him. Across the screen, the two people’s behavior and words and deeds are also less scruples, and even some ambiguous words and deeds. After a few days of chatting on dating software, the two met in a big shopping mall.

  However, meeting is not as famous as meeting. Xiao Tao’s appearance is far from the avatar on dating software, and even a little rustic. Xiaoya was unhappy and ignored Xiao Tao’s love, playing games in the video game area by herself.

  In fact, 17-year-old Xiao Tao secretly went to work in the city from other places without telling his parents, and just found a job. Making friends by mobile phone has become an important way for him to integrate into the life of big cities. Xiao Tao is full of expectations for this meeting and is looking forward to a beautiful relationship. Looking at Xiaoya’s back playing games, he couldn’t help hugging Xiaoya from behind. I didn’t think about it, but I was strongly resisted and sternly reprimanded by Xiaoya.

  Xiao Tao was poured a pot of cold water by Xiaoya’s indifferent attitude, and then she thought that she had spent 100 yuan to buy coins for Xiaoya to play games, which made her feel even more lost. So he childishly hid each other’s bags, called Xiaoya to the underground garage, and angrily told Xiaoya to ask 100 yuan for money to recover economic losses.

  When he got the money back, Xiao Tao was still angry. On the spur of the moment, he pushed Xiaoya to the wall and reached out and touched the privacy of the other party. When he was just arrested by the police, Xiao Tao didn’t feel that this move could be a big deal, and he didn’t realize that it was a crime. In the end, Xiao Tao was sentenced by the court for compulsory indecency.

  Although one is the victim and the other is the defendant, when handling this case, Feng Miaomiao, deputy director of the First Procuratorate of Xicheng Procuratorate, felt sorry for both children. If it weren’t for the mobile dating software, the lives of two minors would have been completely different. Now, one is forced to molest, leaving a psychological shadow, and one is imprisoned when he first enters the society. In a sense, he is a victim.

  "How can two minors register for dating apps?" While handling the case, Feng Miaomiao paid more attention to this mobile dating software. There are also many criticisms of this software on the Internet, one of which is the low age limit threshold, which has a bad influence on minors.

  Just one month after Xiaoya’s case happened, the National Network Information Office launched a special rectification campaign against the chaos of the network audio platform, and this software is also under the rectification. It was not until last month that the software was restored to the shelves and the registration threshold was raised to 18 years old.


  False age registration lacks supervision

  The reporter downloaded the dating APP full of fashionable gimmicks involved in the case, and the user agreement has been highlighted: "If you are under 18 years old, please read and fully understand this agreement with the legal guardian, and use the software and related services with the consent of the legal guardian."

  The reporter registered with the mobile phone number. In the process of improving the information, the page prompts: "Filling in the correct information will help match, and we will protect your private information." The reporter found that if you are under 18 years old, the system will prompt that the setting failed and you can’t continue. As long as you choose to reach the age of 18, you can pass. You don’t need to upload your ID card, and there is no additional verification procedure, so you can register successfully, and then you can choose someone who matches you to chat.

  The reporter also registered another dating software that has been installed more than 100 million times. Although there is no special clause about minors in the user agreement, there is also an age threshold in the registration process. You can’t choose a date of birth under the age of 18 to register, but you can choose a date of birth that reaches the age of 18, and you can register successfully. There is also no substantive audit procedure.

  Prosecutor Feng Miaomiao said that setting a threshold based on age is helpful to prevent minors from stepping into the social circle of adults, receiving some bad information or suffering illegal harm, which is beneficial to the protection of minors. However, this threshold that can be broken only by users’ arbitrary settings is ineffective. For minors who are curious or have practical needs, it is as easy as blowing off dust to falsely report their age. And it is hard for them to really realize that what will be waiting for them when they enter the online world of adults with a pass that does not meet their real age?

  The reporter learned that in the previous cases of sexual assault on minors, it was also revealed that the dating software company did not verify the identity information of the registered personnel, which led to the problem that minors could register and log in by falsely reporting their age, and there were huge loopholes in management. Some procuratorates also specially issued procuratorial suggestions to relevant authorities to urge them to strengthen supervision and management of online dating platforms.

  The painful cases and the procuratorial suggestions of the procuratorate all show that the problem that the dating software does not verify the identity and the minors may be illegally infringed needs to be solved urgently.

  Prosecutors in Feng Miaomiao said that the technologies of uploading ID cards and even face recognition are very mature, which can completely verify identity and shield false information. However, for these software companies, strict identity audit will inevitably cause some users to resist, which will affect the registration and usage of users, and enterprises certainly have no incentive to do substantive audit.


  Wechat QR code is more dangerous to push friends.

  In the interview, the reporter learned that in addition to using mobile APP to make friends, there is also a way of making friends among middle school students — — Friends circle pushes each other, that is, authorizing others to send their photos and WeChat QR codes to friends circle and WeChat group for divergent communication. In this way, children quickly develop "friends" and meet more strangers. Others push each other and even spend some money to let others help them push.

  For most adults, WeChat friends are usually family, friends and people who have work contacts and life contacts, and the circle of friends has certain privacy. Except Wechat business and promoters, most people don’t spread their QR codes and open their circle of friends at will.

  Minors are keen on this more open and almost undefended way of making friends than adults, and they also put themselves in a very dangerous situation.

  In a real case, Tingting, a 14-year-old middle school student, met a girl of the same age in another school in an extra-curricular cram school. When Tingting learned that the other classmate could help push the circle of friends, she also wanted to try this way of making friends out of curiosity.

  After being pushed the QR code and photos to the circle of friends in a nine-square grid, there were indeed many more people who took the initiative to chat with Tingting through WeChat. Tingting had a good talk with one of the boys. Although Tingting is strictly controlled by her parents and students are not allowed to use mobile phones at school, Tingting still takes the opportunity to chat with each other. After the first meeting between the two sides, Tingting reported that she was raped by the other side. After investigation, the man often looks for "prey" by adding WeChat friends.

  According to the reporter’s understanding, there are far more cases in which minors are invaded by strangers because of WeChat’s mutual promotion of friends.

  Even if the age threshold of dating software is in name only, there is still a threshold after all, and WeChat Twitter can be said to be irresponsible. In the police investigation, the middle school student who objectively bridged Tingting’s acquaintance with a strange man said that he was not familiar with both of them, but only vaguely had an impression of helping Tingting push her friends. As for their true identity and surname, who knows nothing. After helping to push friends, she deleted both of them’ WeChat.

  This middle school student often helps her peers push friends in their circle of friends. Some people even send her a few dollars red envelope to help her push friends. When the number of friends added by the other party meets the demand, she deletes the information of pushing friends. In this way, she can earn some pocket money.

  "This way of making friends seems incredible to adults, but it is very common among students ‘ Market ’ 。” Shi Liang, assistant prosecutor, told reporters that some students are proud of having a large number of WeChat friends and even compare with each other, eager to open their doors to the adult world in this way to show their social skills and personal charm.

  Unfortunately, children think this is just a way to meet more friends, but in the eyes of the "hunters" who are waiting for an opportunity, this "open" way of making friends is itself an ambiguous signal.


  The dating platform should verify the identity essence.

  Shi Liang said that many minors’ psychological cognition and physical development are unbalanced. They feel that they have almost the same physique as adults and have gained the ability to enter the adult world. But in fact, their awareness of society, self-prevention awareness and self-protection ability are far from perfect, and they are easily tempted or hurt.

  "The Internet has become indispensable in modern society. We can’t hinder social progress because the Internet may harm minors, but we can keep up with relevant supporting measures. In the final analysis, it is still that our adult society did not do its own work, did not establish enough protection mechanisms, and did not do effective education and communication, so that children were exposed to danger. " Shi Liang said.

  Prosecutor Feng Miaomiao suggested that the dating platform should be required to carry out substantive identity verification, such as uploading ID cards and face recognition, through administrative mandatory provisions, at least the self-discipline rules of trade associations, and at the same time pay attention to protecting the privacy of minors. This not only protects minors, but also helps to reduce the possibility of other online dating crimes. As an Internet and software enterprise, it should also shoulder social responsibilities, and not turn a blind eye to the possible signs of illegal crimes in order to pursue the number of users and economic benefits. Industry supervision departments should strictly manage, intensify inspection and punishment, and purify the network environment. (Reporter Sun Ying Illustration Feng Chenqing)

  (The minors involved in the article are all pseudonyms)

Cristina Cristina’s electric arm dance, where Cristiano Ronaldo took the B seat, attracted dissatisfaction and criticism from Portuguese Saudi fans.

According to the British "Sun" report, Cristiano Ronaldo won the B seat, because B seat supported Messi to win the golden ball. The World Cup was not good, and Portugal lost to Morocco unexpectedly. Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Sanchez have contradictions. After Sanchez’s class, Cristiano Ronaldo did not send a blessing. There are also contradictions between C Ronaldo and B seats. B seats supported Messi to win the Golden Globe Award in the interview, which caused C Ronaldo’s dissatisfaction.

C Ronaldo’s behavior attracted a lot of dissatisfaction and criticism from B-seat fans.

Coincidentally, recently, Cristina Cristina, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, shared a video of twerking on social media, which attracted dissatisfaction and protest from local netizens in Saudi Arabia.

Because Saudi Arabia is a religious conservative country, it has strict rules on women’s dress and behavior. This dance video of Georgina is considered to be inconsistent with Saudi culture and values, which has attracted many netizens’ criticism and condemnation. Some Saudi netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction and protest against Georgina on social media, saying that her behavior is a manifestation of disrespect for Saudi culture and religious beliefs, and some people have called for boycotting #C Ronaldo # and his girlfriend. In addition, C Ronaldo’s previous touching behavior on the stadium also attracted the dissatisfaction and criticism of Saudi fans, and even a local female lawyer issued a document calling on the Saudi authorities to expel C Ronaldo from the country! !

Wanshili: At present, the company’s "West Lake No.1" artificial intelligence technology research and development upgrade cooperates with Beijing Hongmian Xiaobing Technology Co., Ltd.

Wanshili answered investors’ concerns on the investor relations platform on February 6.

Investors:It is disclosed in the company’s prospectus that the company entrusts Microsoft to develop a silk scarf question-and-answer robot. Does it involve artificial intelligence interactive technology (chatgpt)? At present, Microsoft has invested heavily in OpenAI’s chatgpt, which is a brand-new track. Does the company have any new prospects for artificial intelligence interactive technology in the future?

Director of Wanshili:Dear investors, hello! At present, the company’s "West Lake No.1" artificial intelligence technology research and development upgrade cooperates with Beijing Hongmian Xiaobing Technology Co., Ltd.

Investors:AIGC, which is the content automatically generated by artificial intelligence, is a new content creation method after professional production content (PGC) and user production content (UGC), and has been widely used in the creation and generation of text, pictures, videos and other materials. Does the West Lake No.1, which Wanshili cooperates with Microsoft at present, have the function of automatically generating pictures that users like by inputting a paragraph of text AI? Can it be understood as having AIGC technical reserves?

Director of Wanshili:Dear investors, hello! The company’s "West Lake No.1" platform capability is mainly based on professional production content (PGC) module training to generate personalized creative scarves. At present, the platform has the ability to automatically generate the silk scarf design works that users like through user’s customization needs and option analysis.

Investors:Dear Secretary-General, Microsoft has recently proposed deep cooperation with openAI to promote artificial intelligence. Is the aesthetic and creative platform for artificial intelligence research and development of Xihu No.1 jointly developed by your company and Microsoft still continuing to cooperate?

Investors:Souvenirs of the Hangzhou Asian Games have recently exploded. Is the company a licensed commodity manufacturer for the Asian Games? In addition, are clothes made by the company?

Director of Wanshili:Dear investors, hello, the company is the official formal dress supplier of Hangzhou Asian Games, an offline retail enterprise and a licensed manufacturer of silk products.

The third quarterly report of Wanshili 2022 shows that the company’s main income is 410 million yuan, down 18.98% year-on-year; The net profit of returning to the mother was 15.0354 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 70.13%; Deducting non-net profit-844,500 yuan, down 101.77% year-on-year; In the third quarter of 2022, the company’s main revenue in a single quarter was 137 million yuan, down 25.57% year-on-year; The net profit returned to the mother in a single quarter was 8,847,900 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 38.31%; The non-net profit deducted in a single quarter was 5,824,300 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 60.92%; The debt ratio is 18.47%, the investment income is 196,300 yuan, the financial expenses are-2.734 million yuan, and the gross profit margin is 37.64%.

The unit has no institutional rating in the last 90 days. In the past three months, the net inflow of financing was 17.8673 million, and the financing balance increased; The net inflow of securities lending was 0.0, and the balance of securities lending increased. According to the financial report data in recent five years, the Securities Star valuation analysis tool shows that the moat of competitiveness in Wanshili industry is poor, the profitability is average, and the revenue growth is poor. There may be hidden troubles in finance, and the financial indicators that should be focused on include: accounts receivable/profit rate, inventory/revenue rate increase, operating cash flow/profit rate. The stock has a good company index of 1.5 stars, a good price index of 1.5 stars and a comprehensive index of 1.5 stars. (The index is for reference only, and the index range is 0 ~ 5 stars, with a maximum of 5 stars)

Wanshili’s main business: R&D, design, production and sales of silk-related products.

The above contents are compiled by Securities Star according to public information, and have nothing to do with the position of this website. Securities Star strives for but does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness and timeliness of all or part of this information (including but not limited to text, video, audio, data and charts). Please contact us if you have any questions. This article is for data collation, and does not constitute any investment advice for you. Investment is risky, so please make a careful decision.

[Zheng Xing Dong Mi Interactive]

This article does not constitute investment advice, the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

Jin Hyundai: The company has become the first batch of ecological partners of Baidu Wenxin.

Jin Hyundai said,The company has applied NLP (Natural Language Processing), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and image recognition technologies in some software systems.At present, the specific application scenarios include:1) Automatic labeling of cadre evaluation.NLP technology is used to label all kinds of documents and materials of cadre evaluation automatically, which breaks through the integration of text multi-classification, semantic recognition and rule engine, and the accuracy of labeling is over 95%, which is completely practical.2) Intelligent search of knowledge base documents.Based on NLP technology, word segmentation, entity recognition and text similarity processing are carried out for document titles and contents, and a labeling system is established to label all documents. Under the traditional search strategy of text matching and sorting, intelligent search based on tags and semantic network is realized, and the accuracy of search results is greatly improved, which is closer to the needs of users.3) Text extraction of biomedical equipment report.Using OCR technology, the experimental reports of biomedical equipment (editable PDF and scanned PDF, etc.) are accurately extracted, which avoids the problems of low efficiency and error-prone caused by manual copying, and solves the problems of small font recognition and table breakage recognition.4) Image recognition of live equipment.OCR technology is used to identify and extract the instrument and interface data of power equipment, which greatly improves the efficiency of manual inspection. Compared with the general OCR model, it further solves the problems of identifying special characters (such as ω, μ) in the power field.5) Intelligent pre-examination of project data.Using image recognition and OCR technology, the key information of the project can be automatically recognized from the paper report image, and seals and signatures of different colors, shapes and sizes can be recognized at the same time. With the company’s further research on artificial intelligence technology and the implementation of measures such as the company’s access to Baidu Wenxin Yiyan, the company will have more and more research results and application scenarios in the field of artificial intelligence in the future. At present, similar products of MOSS are not involved.

Or become the "touchstone" of the women’s volleyball team in the World Championships, and four people are worth their money, and these three people are afraid of leaving the team completely.

As the first world competition in the Paris Olympic Games cycle, China women’s volleyball team finished sixth, and once again missed the championship. Fortunately, our ultimate goal is not this year’s World Championships, but the Olympic Games two years later. Therefore, this World Championships can be regarded as an opportunity to train and test the team, discover and cultivate some players through competitions, and lay a solid foundation for the women’s volleyball team to return to the peak in the future! Through this World Women’s Volleyball Championship, four players have played their own value, and they can also lock in a place to stay in the women’s volleyball lineup, while three players may not be able to re-enter the women’s volleyball national team in the future through this World Championship.

First of all, let’s take a look at the four outstanding players. Li Yingying, as the core of the team, will not be mentioned. They are Wang Yun, Diao Linyu, Wang Mengjie and Yang Hanyu! Although Diao Linyu is a veteran in this national team, this world championship is the first one she participated in. Diao Linyu’s performance is also obvious to all, and she completely pushed Ding Xia to the bench. In the future, with the latter gradually fading out of the national team, Diao Linyu is definitely the first choice for the second pass position. Wang Yun’s words can be regarded as the biggest discovery of China women’s volleyball team. After that, even if Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning come back, she can still lock in the position of the fourth main attack of women’s volleyball team.

Last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games had a great influence on Wang Mengjie, and she was almost retired by fans. Fortunately, she persisted in the end, and seized the opportunity again at this year’s World Championships, becoming the first free agent of the women’s volleyball team again! Although young Yang Hanyu didn’t get as many opportunities as the previous three players in the World Championships, she was basically replaced when the team was in the most difficult time. However, even though there are few opportunities, Yang Hanyu has grasped them well, at least during his playing time, and has a very good performance. Coupled with the lack of strength and performance of Wang Yuanyuan, the starting assistant attacker, Yang Hanyu is likely to replace Wang Yuanyuan in future competitions, and become a candidate for the main assistant attacker of the women’s volleyball team.

After this World Championships, the three players who are likely to leave the national women’s volleyball team, perhaps including the aforementioned Wang Yuanyuan, can only "abuse vegetables". Once she meets an opponent who is stronger than herself, it is difficult to play. The other two players are Jin Ye, a major player, and Wang Weiyi, a free agent. These two players have one thing in common: they are not young. Jin Ye, 26, and Wang Weiyi, 27, can’t be used as future training objects of the team. Besides, they didn’t play very well in this World Championships, and their strength is far from the level of playing the World Series. They should leave their positions to younger and more potential players!